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Help other kids who stutter by sending in your ideas. All you need to do is
email a sentence or two about any of the three statements below. Please send your first name and how old you are. Your ideas will be added to the home page. Maybe your good ideas will help some other kids! Maybe you will get an idea or two yourself from something someone else has said. Maybe you've been teased by being called a name. Maybe someone has even said, "You talk like Porky Pig!" Warner Brothers and Porky Pig have a poster for you to help show that there is nothing wrong with being different. You can even copy this "Top of the Tune Squad" Everyone's Unique and Th-th-that's Good Folks! poster, free, if you want to.

The Stuttering Foundation has a book written by a girl who stutters and is teased at recess; read what she does about it. Trouble at Recess

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Key Pals

Kids, have your mom or dad or speech clinician help you find a
key pal who is also working on speech.

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Good Stuff By and For Kids!

Good Stuff FOR Kids Who Stutter

Tammy Bryant-McMillin is a speech therapist. She has put online a fun activity: Stuttering Awareness Game

Funny Bunny's Better Ideas, a 4-page "story" with many suggestions for children who stutter. You must have Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader. You can download it at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

Our First Talk About Talking is a six page booklet, with pictures children can color.

Rufus Talks and Talks a children's story/coloring book by Nina A. Reardon, MS CCC-SLP and illustrated by Brit W. Kohls can be downloaded as a PDF file.

Angel Loves to Talk, by Nina Reardon, illustrated by Brit W. Kohls. A story/coloring book in PDF file.

More Friends for Jackson by Nina Reardon, illustrated by Brit W. Kohls. A story/coloring book in PDF format.

You Are In Control, a game for children who stutter, their families, and friends. You must have Adobe's Free Acrobat Reader. You can download it at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html

John Ahlbach is a teacher. He has written a Stuttering Presentation Guide if you want to help your classmates and others learn more about stuttering. Michelle and Judy have made some pictures that can also help.

Rudi and the Little Stuttering Monster a play written by Marianne Engleken. One idea is to make puppets to produce the play!

Three Baby Bunny Rabbits - a short story by John Karpinski.

Good Stuff BY Kids Who Stutter

If you have written a poem or a short story, made a picture you are really proud of (especially if it helps somebody else understand about stuttering), or have some ideas you would like to share about stuttering, tell me and maybe we can put it here!

A Play about Stuttering by Valerie
A Play about Stuttering by Allison
Teasing Hurts by Marvin, age 9
Getting Stuck - a poem by Max J., age 10
Carl's Feelings: A Poem About Stuttering
Assignment for Speech by Lester L. - age 10
My Story of Speech by Lisa C. - age 11.
The Adventures of Stutter Girl by Lester L. - age 11
Stutter Problem by Michael C., age 9
Stuttering by Joshua A., age 7
My Stuttering Life and Stuttering Information by Manveet, 11 year old girl
A Stutter Acrostic by Chase Kustra, age 9
My Most Embarrassing Moment by Michael, age 12.
A Hypercard Program about Stuttering by Tim.
When I Stutter - a story by Blake, age 8.
A Presentation for my Class by Cate, age 10
It's Me - a poem by David B., grade 6
The First Time - by Brandon, age 11.
The Giant Who Stuttered - by Thomas D., age 12.
My Stuttering Web Page - by John W., 4th grade. John used this information for a presentation about stuttering for his class.
Stuttering - by Tanya, age 12
Brita Goes to Amerika by Rebecca, age 8
My Stuttering Problem by Pauline, grade 7
Stuttering Poem by A.P., age 12
So What? by Josh H., grade 6
Stutter by Kelly
Rapping about Stuttering
The Stuttering Chimp by Alex, age 9
The Stuttering Storm Cloud by Alex, age 9
Stuttering - Teasing - Bullying a 9 minute video presentation by Sian, age 6
Three minute Presentation by Nate on YouTube (skip the ad first)

Lou Heite is a graphic artist. Her job is designing signs, logos, advertisements, and even web pages. She drew a picture called Stutter on her computer. Maybe you'd like to be a graphic artist some day, too. It is a fun job. Why not try to draw your own picture of stuttering on your computer? Here is a big Art Gallery of Stuttering with drawings about stuttering by lots of kids and teens who stutter. Check the Stuttering Foundation website where kids have also sent drawings (and letters).

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News and Newsletters

Newsletters BY and FOR Kids Who Stutter

The following two newsletters publish material that kids who stutter would find interesting. Maybe you or your school would like to subscribe to both!

News articles by and about kids

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Our World

It is interesting to see
what stuttering is called in different countries. If you say the words out loud, you will hear that many of them almost sound like stuttering.

It would be interesting to know what kids in other countries think about stuttering and what speech therapy is like in other countries.

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Movies about stuttering

Stuttering: a short animation film - this excellent 8 minute animation was made by 2 students from the Artevelde High School in Belgium.

Telling My Story in Three Words - short video about a fun activity created by Nina Reeves

Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids - is a really nice video produced by the Stuttering Foundation of America. You can watch it for free online.

There are some good movies that show people who stutter in positive roles. These are rated PG, so ask your mom or dad to watch them with you.

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Books about stuttering

There are many books that have children who stutter in them. You might find some ideas for books to read

There are some stories/books on the Internet about stuttering that you might like to read!

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Things To Think About

Hints, suggestions, ideas, and stuff like that

A Message to Children Who Stutter

Letters To My Daughter are written by a father who stutters, for his 10-year-old daughter who also stutters. They will be about a variety of topics, including:

How Do People Talk by E. Charles Healey provides some good information.

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Kid to Kid

Kid to Kid is a place where other kids shared ideas or give advice to younger kids who also stutter.

What would you do - a place where you can read about a situation someone what been in. Open up the short story and then share your ideas with your speech teacher or parents. Go back to the index

Some great places to visit
(and other "good stuff")

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