​Securing a Writing Intensive Designation

To increase a writing intensive proposal's odds of being approved without revision requests, proposal authors are encouraged to seek feedback while developing their proposals. Contact wac@mnsu.edu for assistance.

Courses seeking a writing intensive designation are vetted through the Curriculum Design System (CDS).

To secure a writing intensive designation, a course must:

  • be designed to meet the writing intensive learning outcomes
  • assign 20 pages of writing (250 words/page) spread across the course
  • include 10 pages of written feedback from the instructor
  • reserve segments of class time for writing instruction
  • make writing a significant portion of the course grade

Review Process

Writing intensive course proposals are reviewed by the University's Writing Advisory Committee. The committee's feedback is forwarded to the Common Curriculum Committee for an approval decision. Unapproved proposals are returned to proposal authors with detailed feedback to facilitate proposal revision.