​Writing Intensive Faculty Development

You Teach Writing Intensive.

That means writing is integrated into your course to deepen students’ learning and strengthen their communication skills.

That means that in your course, students are coached through the writing process.

That means that in your course, students receive ongoing instruction on writing in your discipline.

That means that in your course, students develop rhetorical competence through writing in a range of genres for different audiences and purposes.

You are not alone.

You can join the growing number of faculty, drawn from more than than 15 academic departments across the university, who have participated in the Writing Fellows Program, a comprehensive program that helps faculty teach writing in their disciplines.

You can enroll in a WAC Master Class, an advanced workshop on a writing instruction topic designed for graduates of the Writing Fellows Program.

You can request a one-on-one consultation to assist with any facet of course design: designing writing assignments, managing the paper load, handling grammatical error, grading student writing, and other topics.

The Writing Across the Curriculum Program is here for you. Contact WAC@mnsu.edu for more information about faculty support.

Together, WE Teach Writing Intensive.