Online Orientation for Admitted Graduate Students

Welcome to Minnesota State University, Mankato. We trust that you will find your graduate program to be both challenging and enjoyable. This page is designed primarily for new graduate students. Every university has unique policies and procedures, and it is hoped that the following information will facilitate your orientation to Minnesota State Mankato. We hope this page permits students to commence their studies with as few impediments as possible, and we expect that students may not need to frequently visit this page after the first few weeks of the semester.

Registration/Tech ID/StarID

In order to register, you will need to know Tech ID. Every enrolled student is assigned a Tech ID number. This number is included in your notification of admission. When you first register, your password will default to your birth date (YYMMDD). Please note that the first digits entered are associated with your birth year, not the birth month or day. If your birth date is not in the University's database, your password will be the last six digits of your social security number. You will be required to change this initial password before you continue with the registration process. You can change your password whenever you wish by going to the registration web page. Your password should remain confidential and should not be divulged to others. Additional information can be found on the Registrar's Office web pages. Your Tech ID is the number listed on your University MavCard. Information on obtaining a MavCard.

The StarID is a username for use at all the Minnesota State Universities. This needs to be activated once before use. For more information and the ability to activate and reset your password use the StarID Self Service.

Class schedules are not printed and are available only online. Additional information concerning registration deadlines and drop/add dates can be found on the Registrar's Office web pages.

Students enrolled in courses offered in Mankato or Edina must complete and submit an Immunization Form. Failure to complete this form will result in a hold being placed on your ability to register.

University Email Addresses

The University will be sending important information to your university email address, and it is your responsibility to read your University email regularly. Your email address is typically Obtaining a university email address is accomplished at the time of online registration. Information about forwarding your existing University email account is available by visiting the Mav Accounts page. If you want to change your local and/or permanent mailing addresses, please visit the E-Service web page. Email messages can be viewed from any browser by visiting MavMAIL.

Information and Technology Services

Computers, mobile devices and other technology will play a big role in your academic success. Useful information about getting started with the information and technology services available at the University can be found at Student Technology Resources.

Verification of enrollment

Verification of enrollment is done by the National Student Clearing House. Information about this service is available from the Registrar's Office.

The maximum credit load per semester is 12. You must enroll in at least six credits to be considered a full time graduate student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Summer classes include modules and short-term, half-term, and full-term classes and are all considered part of one summer term.

Transcript Requests

Information about ordering official transcripts is available on the Transcripts web page.

Billing and Payment

Students are liable for all tuition and fees associated for courses not dropped in accordance with the University's policies and calendars. Students must initiate dropping of all courses. Billing policies, registration deadlines, and estimated expenses are posted on the web pages of the Student Financial Services—Campus Hub.

Students must by the published due dates meet tuition and fee payment obligations. Failure to do so will result in you being dropped from all registered courses. Please visit the Student Financial Services—Campus Hub web page for information about this policy.

Please be advised that dropping courses and officially withdrawing are two distinct actions with very different results. Dropping a course is a partial decrease in the number of enrolled credits. Withdrawing is considered to be complete termination of all enrollment for the term. You should notify the Campus Hub if you plan on withdrawing from all courses for the semester.

Students are responsible to log in to e-services to view their charges and ensure their accounts are paid in full each semester. Invoices are not mailed.

Financial Aid and Graduate Assistantships

Information about financial aid is available by visiting the web pages of Student Financial Services. Questions concerning graduate assistant payments and payroll policies may be answered by visiting the web pages of Student Payroll. Graduate assistantship policies are available on the web pages of the College of Graduate Studies and Research. The tuition waiver associated with a graduate assistantship does not cover additional required fees.

ID Cards

Minnesota State University uses a picture ID card called the MavCARD. A university identification card is also available for extended campus students. Please contact the MavCARD office at 507-389-1707 for additional information.

Other Basic Information

Student Services

Students have a number of support services available to them. Please click on the links below to visit the office's web site to learn more.

The College of Graduate Studies and Research

Although this page is designed primarily for new students, you may at any time direct questions concerning your graduate program to your advisor, program Graduate Coordinator, or to the College of Graduate Studies and Research.