Typography and Lists

Using styles is an important part of creating and editing your webpages. There are many style options to define and stylize your content. Using a style to define your text is important, it helps search engines to understand your content while also defining your content in a way that is accessible to all visitors to your webpage.

Typography Styles Available:

This is an h1 heading

This is an h2 heading

This is an h3 heading

This is an h4 heading

This is an h5 heading
This is an h6 heading


There is a hierarchy for how heading styles should be applied:

There should only be one H1 tag on a page, and this is the first headline on the page. In EpiServer, this is the text that goes into the "Page Title" box. Typically, you should never have to apply the H1 style manually.

For other main headers on the page, use the H2 tag.

For subheaders, use H3, H4, H5, and H6 as necessary. Use them in this order to show hierarchy.

It is important that the correct header text is applied based on your page structure. Never assign an H4 when it should be an H2 just because you like the look of the H4 header better. Doing so makes the style hierarchy confusing to end-users. It also lowers the value of your main keywords for the search engines.


Lead-in Text

This is lead in text using the "lead" style. The lead body copy makes a paragraph stand out.

Meta Information

This is meta text using the "meta information" style. It is intended for short helper text and links such as categories, authors, dates, etc.



This is a basic paragraph style.


Text Link

This is a basic text link.


Bulleted List

  • Content item
  • Content item
    • sub-bullet content
    • sub-bullet content
      • more sub-bullet content
      • more sub-bullet content

Numbered List

  1. list item
  2. list item
    1. sublist item
    2. sublist item
      1. more sublist items
      2. more sublist items


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