Getting Started with Zoom

Getting Started - The Basics

Watch our Zoom basics video to learn how to sign in to your premium university account, download the desktop client, check for updates, and basic in-meeting tools.

Key Features of Zoom

  • High capacity meeting rooms: invite up to 300 people to regular meetings or host a webinar space and invite up to 500.
  • Easy scheduling: Choose unique URLs for different meetings or keep the location consistent every time. Outlook Calendar integration allows quick coordination of meeting invitees.
  • Invite anyone: Anyone can join your meetings and webinars, even if they don’t have a Zoom account.
  • Join by phone: Don’t have access to quality video and audio on your computer? Call in to meetings on the phone instead!
  • Conference room and classroom integration: Connect your Zoom meetings to room systems on campus and use their high-quality cameras, microphones, and monitors.
  • Helpful tools: Screen share and use digital whiteboards for visual aids during meetings. Review meetings later with the option to record and download.
  • Record Sessions: As an optional setting, meeting hosts can choose to record their meetings and store the recordings in the cloud or on their computer.