Zoom Professionalism & Etiquette

When attending a class or meeting via Zoom, portray yourself in the best light possible as a student or employee of Minnesota State University, Mankato by following these tips on preparedness and general Zoom etiquette.

  • Designate Your Workspace
    • Ensure your workspace is quiet, clean, and has an appropriate background. Or, use a virtual background.
  • Set Up Your Tech
  • Communicate with the Host
    • Zoom includes nonverbal feedback buttons for raising your hand, responding yes or no, asking the host to adjust speed, requesting a break, and more. Use them!
  • Be Professional
    • Be on time to meetings, dress appropriately, and sit tall and look directly into the camera when using video.
  • Avoid Embarrassing Mistakes
    • Pay attention to your video, microphone, and screen sharing settings to avoid embarrassing mistakes. Always keep the chat rooms appropriate.

Infographic listing Zoom etiquette tips


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