Arts & Cultural Heritage Project Events in the KMSU Listening Area

a group of people playing instruments

From the Minnesota State Legislature homepage: "In 2008, Minnesota voters passed a constitutional amendment, often referred to as the 'Legacy Amendment,' that increased the state’s sales tax by 3/8ths of 1 percent for 25 years . The funds raised by this tax are dedicated to four separate funds that each receive a specific percentage of the revenues: Outdoor Heritage Fund (33 percent), Clean Water Fund (33 percent), the Parks and Trails Fund (14.25 percent), and the Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (19.75 percent). The Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (ACHF) is a state fund that 'may be spent only for arts, arts education, and arts access and to preserve Minnesota’s history and cultural heritage.'"

KMSU Radio is one of several organizations in Minnesota that distributes Legacy funding in our community.  This has allowed us to fund a wide variety of arts and support the rich creative culture of our listening area.  Many of these events and projects would not be possible without Arts & Cultural Heritage Funding, so we'd like to say thank you to the voters of Minnesota for supporting the Legacy Amendment. Your decision has made Minnesota an even more vibrant place to live.

Click on the links below to see how Arts & Cultural Heritage funding has been used in the KMSU listening area.

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