Friday, October 7, 2pm - First Friday Movie & Conversation

Movie: Hostiles(2017)

Location: Pathstone Latitude, 115 Rogers St, Mankato

Wednesday, October 12, 2pm - Great Decisions

Thursday, October 13, 2 - 4pm - What the Heck is an End of Life Doula?

End of Life Doulas are non-medical companions to the dying, their families, and their constellation of friends and helpers. They provide a wide range of caregiving services, including physical, emotional, and spiritual support, plus assistance with household tasks, managing visits, respite care, and problem-solving. They may act as facilitators between families and professionals and outside services, including hospice, to ensure smooth delivery of services.
Presenter: End of Life Doula Dena Pagel, RN, has worked in hospice, medical, surgical, and long-term care and has extensive Doula, end of life, dementia, death and dying, and grief training.

Location: Pathstone Latitude, 115 Rogers Street, Mankato

Monday, October 17, 2 - 4pm - The Importance of the Minnesota Courts, Particularly Considering Changes at the U.S. Supreme Court?

The makeup of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) has changed, bringing new interpretations of the US Constitution and our laws. Will the Minnesota Constitution and courts be increasingly used to address disputes over abortion, redistricting, and other controversial issues? Look behind the scenes at the Minnesota court system. How aredecisions made? How are the courts run? Who is in charge?
Presenter: Associate Justice G. Barry Anderson is the senior member of the Minnesota Supreme Court, originally appointed to the court in 2004 after serving on the Minnesota Court of Appeals for 16 years. Originally from Mankato, Justice Anderson practiced law in Fairmont and Hutchinson before joining the judiciary. He graduated from Gustavus Adolfus in 1976 and the University of Minnesota Law School 1979.

Location: Pioneer Bank, 1450 Adams St, Mankato (corner of Victory & Adams)

Tuesday, October 18, 1 - 3pm - Active Violence/Active Shooter Program

With shootings dominating the news lately, have you wondered about law enforcement’s preparation and response to these incidents in our area? This presentation will provide an overview of the region’s Active Violence/Active Shooter (AVAS) program. Implemented by Captain Barta in 2012, AVAS has grown into a multi-faceted approach to guard the safety of schools, businesses, and places of worship within our region.
Presenter: Paul Barta, Captain - Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office, is a lifelong member of the Mankato area with a law enforcement career spanning more than 23 years. From general patrol, investigations, and SWAT to Emergency Management, his diverse experience led him to the third highest-ranking leadership position in the Sheriff’s Office. He works alongside the Sheriff and Chief Deputy to establish the agency's vision and determine priorities.

Location: Blue Earth County Historical Society, Meeting Room B, 424 Warren St, Mankato (3 handicap-accessible parking spots on Warren St entrance, more at Cherry Street entrance)

Friday, October 21, 10-11:30am - Coffee & Current Events

Location: Zoom

Saturday, October 22, 2 - 4pm - Understanding Islam and the Local Somali Community

The size of the Muslim community in the Mankato area has grown dramatically over the last several decades, primarily due to an influx of Somali refugees. Minnesota is the home of the largest Somali community outside of Africa. Learn about the Five Pillars of Islam, the Six Pillars of Faith, and Somali culture from a longtime member of the community and co-founder of the Mankato Islamic Center.
Presenter: Abdi Sabrie is an Academic Advisor at South Central College in Mankato, a former Mankato school board member, and a co-founder and director of the Mankato Islamic Center. He received the national Jefferson Award for Public Service in 2012 and a two-year Bush Fellowship in 2018.

Location: Messiah Lutheran Church, 1706 Lee Blvd., NM

Wednesday, October 26, 1pm - BookEnds

Wednesday, October 26, 2pm - Great Decisions

Thursday, October 27, 2 - 4pm - Tips for Success with Houseplants

The presentation will include (1) Easy to grow selections; (2) Optimum indoor conditions including temperature, light, and moisture; (3) Fertilizing and pruning needs; (4) Pests and diseases. Participants are encouraged to bring a plant that may need identifying or ailment diagnosis. (Bring it in a clean plastic bag.)
Presenter: Joyce Wilcox - Joyce has been a Master Gardener for the University of Minnesota Extension for 17 years. She is currently President of the River Valley Master Gardeners of Blue Earth County. She can be heard on KTOE fielding gardening questions and has taught gardening classes in her capacity as a Master Gardener.

Location: Messiah Lutheran Church, 1706 Lee Blvd., NM

Friday, October 28, 2 - 4pm - — The People and Places of the 1862 U.S. – Dakota War: A Talk and Discussion

On the day after Christmas in 1862, 38 Dakota Indians were hanged in Mankato on a single scaffold with a single slice of a rope, the largest mass execution in American history. The events leading up to and away from the hanging are dramatic, tragic, and enormously complex and complicated. Author Scott W. Berg (author of 38 Nooses) will talk about several key individuals and locales that, if not for the Civil War raging in the rest of the country, would have entered the big book of American history alongside such far better-known events as the Trail of Tears, Custer's last stand, and the killing of Crazy Horse.
Presenter: Scott W. Berg is the author of Grand Avenues: The Story of Pierre Charles L'Enfant, the French Visionary Who Designed Washington, D.C.; 38 Nooses: Lincoln, Little Crow, and the Beginning of the Frontier's End; and the upcoming (fall 2023) The Burning of the World: The Great Chicago Fire and the Struggle for a City's Soul. Born and raised in St. Paul and an alumnus of the University of Minnesota, Scott teaches publishing, writing, and literature at George Mason University in Virginia.

Location: Zoom Only


Friday, November 4, 1pm - First Friday Movie & Conversation

Movie: A Single Man (2009)

Location: Pathstone Latitude, 115 Rogers St, Mankato

Wednesday, November 9, 2pm - Great Decisions

Tuesday, November 15, 2 - 4pm — Lawyers – An Essential Ingredient for Justice

Love them or hate them, lawyers are essential to justice and civil order in a society, like ours, built upon the rule of law. Lawyers resolve conflicts and help insure access to resources and opportunities. In 1974, President Nixon signed the federal Legal Service Corporation Act to provide free legal help with civil legal problems (non-criminal cases) for those who cannot afford lawyers. Learn about the history and future of the legal aid movement and why it has been important in greater Mankato.
Presenter: Julia Craig is a former legal aid supervising attorney, administrative law judge, and private practitioner who specialized in Family Law, Housing Law, and Social Security disability law in southern Minnesota for over 35 years. Larry Nicol is the former managing attorney of legal aid offices in Mankato, Albert Lea and Worthington and practiced law in southern Minnesota for over 40 years.

Location: Pioneer Bank, 1450 Adams St, Mankato (corner of Victory & Adams)

Thursday, November 17, 1pm — Guided Tour of the Mankato showroom of Unique Specialty and Classic Cars

Unique Specialty & Classic Cars opened its doors in July 2006 and in May 2020 expanded to a much bigger space due to the growth of the company. The founder and owner, Jeremy Thomas, has agreed to give Lifelong Learners a guided tour of their over 150 cars. In addition, all cars in the showroom have a description sheet with information about the vehicle and price. Unique’s showroom and timeline murals are delightful, even for those who aren’t interested in classic cars. Unique provides a full-service classic and specialty car dealership and works with customers across the globe. They have the ability to buy, sell, trade & consign vehicles in the sales department and a service and detail department that can do anything from a basic oil change to a full restoration on your classic car.

Location: Unique Auto, 2015 Bassett Dr., Mankato

Friday, November 18, 10-11:30am - Coffee & Current Events

Location: Zoom

Wednesday, November 23, 1pm - BookEnds

Tuesday, November 29, 2 - 4pm — Zero Waste (Composting) and Beyond Plastics

Join Jane Dow and Betty Winkworth, who were two of three who worked tirelessly to get Zero Waste or composting started in Mankato. They will share a bit of history, how our city composting system works, how much has been diverted from landfills, how to sign up, and more. They will also explain the goals and ways to get involved in a new movement, Beyond Plastics. Jane and Betty will share some of their personal stories and why they are so engaged in these environmental issues.
Presenter: Jane Dow & Betty Winkworth

Location: Pathstone Latitude, 115 Rogers Street, Mankato


Friday, December 2, 1pm - First Friday Movie & Conversation

Movie: Spotlight (2015)

Location: Pathstone Latitude, 115 Rogers St, Mankato

Wednesday, December 7, 2 - 4pm — Mindful Eating Over the Holidays

Healthy nutrition looks different for everyone. Learn ways to develop your good nutrition habits.
Presenter: Ashley Nuetzman, RDN, LD,Mankato Clinic, Nutrition Education, Ashley’s clinical interests include general dietetics, medical nutrition therapy, GI health, women’s health and nutritional psychology.

Location: Children’s Museum, 224 Lamm Street, Mankato

Thursday, December 15, 4 - 6pm — A Yorkshire Lad Moves to Madison: An Immigrant’s Story

In 1974 at age 12, John Lawton moved with his family from Yorkshire County, England to Madison, Wisconsin. Many of his early lessons on "how to be an American" were learned in Middle School. John’s parents, both teachers, took the family back to England for regular extended visits. Growing up in both England and America has provided John with an interesting perspective on what Churchill called our “two countries separated by a common language." John has some humorous and interesting experiences to share.
Presenter: John Lawton- For the past 27 years John has worked for ISD 77 as a Middle School science teacher in Mankato, Minnesota. John is married to a teacher and has two adult children. John enjoys the outdoors and has hiked over forty 14,000-foot mountains (14ers).

Location: Pioneer Bank, 1450 Adams St, Mankato (corner of Victory & Adams)

Friday, December 16, 10-11:30am - Coffee & Current Events

Location: Zoom

Wednesday, December 28, 1pm - BookEnds