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Presentations are planned for fall, winter, spring, and summer. We offer 8 - 12 two-hour presentations each quarter. Presentations are taught by members or community experts who share their knowledge and experience in such areas as history, literature, art, theater, music, science, philosophy, religion, health, and politics.

  • Quarterly presentations fees are $5.00 per presentation with a Silver Membership and free with a Gold Membership.

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Great Decisions

Global challenges have increasingly become domestic challenges with events in the remotest parts of the world affecting our lives in myriad ways. There is more movement across national boundaries than ever before – of people, money information, ideas images and much more.

Great Decisions takes you beyond the headlines by providing a look at some of the most significant and far-reaching challenges facing the world. Each annual edition provides essential background, relevant facts, present and future policy options and impartial analyses to help you assess the challenges ahead.

For over 60 years, Great Decisions* has given an inspiring example of the role citizens can play in discovering, discussing and deciding how to meet some of the world’s greatest challenges. How can you make sense of it? We invite you to begin with Mankato Area Lifelong Learners’ Great Decisions Discussion Group.

Great Decisions Discussion Group

*Great Decisions is a discussion program produced by the Foreign Policy Association and has been adopted as a national flagship education program by World Affairs Councils of America. To learn more about the Foreign Policy Association, please visit


Special Events

Through Special Events, we offer trips to concerts, plays, museums, the Minnesota Zoo, the Arboretum, interesting industries, parks, and historical sites.

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