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What is MediaSpace?

MediaSpace is our statewide media management system that uses Kaltura products. You can think of it as a private YouTube for our college and university system.

  • Fully integrated with a screen capture tool, Kaltura Capture
  • Directly embed media into D2L Brightspace from MediaSpace

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What is Kaltura Capture?

This is our enterprise screen recording solution for all current faculty, staff and students.

  • Easily record and share presentations, lectures, meetings, and mobile video from virtually anywhere.
  • It is fully integrated with our statewide media management system, MediaSpace (Kaltura).

What is Video Quiz?

The Video Quiz tool in MediaSpace allows you to embed quiz questions into existing videos:

  • Inserted quiz questions pause the video, prompt learners to answer before the video continues.
  • Interactive video quizzes increase audience interest in lecture videos and reinforce active learning strategies.

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How do I get help with MediaSpace?

10 Strategies for Engaging Learners with Lecture Capture

This document outlines 10 strategies for engaging learners with Lecture Capture.