Invigilation/Online Proctoring and Anti-Plagiarism

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What is Anti-Plagiarism?

Anti-plagiarism software checks the originality of a student's work providing feedback that can be used to improve academic writing skills such as citation and paraphrasing.

What is Invigilation/online proctoring?

Invigilation or online proctoring software provides video conference monitoring or video recording of students completing assessments such as quizzes and exams.

Academic Integrity Online

Software is just one part of academic integrity online. Assuring academic integrity includes a range of:

  • Design approaches,
  • Teaching methods, and
  • Technologies

That can support student learning, success, and academic integrity with online and blended assessments.

If you are considering strategies regarding Invigilation/Anti-Plagiarism, please browse our documentation on Assessment and Feedback Strategies, including:

Guide to Online Exam Security

Helpful Tips for Instructors

Some helpful practices for ensuring academic integrity include:

  • Monitor your D2L Brightspace Grades
  • Reporting any suspicious activity to IT Solutions
  • Always follow data security and privacy best practices such as never sharing your password with anyone.

Invigilation and Anti-Plagiarism tech tools

Browse the tools below to learn more.


Turnitin is a plagiarism detection software and acts as a tool to educate students how to correctly and effectively use secondary sources.

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor

Respondus Lockdown and Monitor are online proctoring tools. Lockdown is a custom browser that locks down the testing environment. Respondus Monitor records students via webcam while taking a quiz online.