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In-Person Orientation Information

Parent and Family Meal Tickets

Parents and families are invited to purchase their meal tickets for in-person orientation in advance and save 10%! Purchasing a meal ticket is not required but will be necessary if you would like to join your student for lunch in the University Dining Center. To purchase your meal ticket, visit the Orientation Lunch Ticket website.

Please contact University Dining Services 507-389-1289 if you have any questions.

For general questions about orientation, New Student and Family Programs can be reached at 507-389-5498 or

Financial Aid Pre-Recorded Videos:

The Financial Aid Office can be reached at 507-389-1866 (option 0) or by email at 

Additional Resources

Resource Refer your student here for:

Accessibility Resources
132 Memorial Library

  • Academic accommodations
  • Housing and dining accommodations
  • Accommodations for medical emergency, temporary health conditions, and pregnancy

Campus Computer Store
20 Centennial Student Union (lower level)

  • Computers, software and accessories sold at academic pricing

Career Development Center
209 Wigley Administration Center

  • Assistance in identifying a major
  • Resources to assist in looking for a part-time job
  • Help with preparing a resume or searching for a full-time or summer job/internship

Center for Academic Success
125 Memorial Library

  • Tutoring for mathematics, chemistry, biology, accounting, economics, or lower division general education courses
  • Assistance with editing/revising papers
  • Strategies for test taking, note taking, textbook reading
  • Additional academic support services

Counseling Center
285 Centennial Student Union

  • Someone to talk to confidentially regarding personal, social and educational concerns
  • Alcohol screening assessment
  • Services including short term counseling, crisis intervention, consultation, and referral

Kearney International Center
250 Centennial Student Union

  • Problems with immigration status or application process
  • Services specifically for International students
  • Study Abroad opportunities

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Center
194 Centennial Student Union

  • Difficulties because of sexuality, sexual preference, sexual orientation, sexual identity or gender identity
  • Information or training on sexual orientation or lifestyle issues

Minnesota State Student Association
280 Centennial Student Union

  • Access to the student attorney
  • Assistance on a grade appeal
  • Help resolving a student concern

Multicultural Center
269 Centennial Student Union

  • Tutoring, mentoring, or counseling related to multicultural issues
  • Connections with others of similar ethnic background

New Student and Family Programs
103 Preska Residence Community

  • Orientation Services
  • First Year Transitional Issues
  • Accuplacer Testing/Course Placement
Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX
014 Morris Hall
  • Submit a Title IX complaint, which includes sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and/or relationship violence.
  • Submit a complaint of discrimination and/or harassment based upon a protected class.
  • Discuss concerns regarding Title IX, discrimination or harassment based upon a protected class.

Registration and Academic Records
132 Wigley Administration
507-389-2252 – Help Desk

  • Forgotten PIN number
  • A Degree Audit Report (DARS)
  • Questions about residency or enrollment verification

Residential Life
111 Carkoski Commons

  • Roommate or adjustment issues
  • Questions about housing or food service contracts

222 Wiecking Center

  • Any time they need to contact the police or have a medical emergency 24 hours a day/7days a week
  • Campus lost and found

Student Activities
173 Centennial Student Union

  • Ways to get involved on campus or learn what student organizations are available
  • Locating off campus housing
  • Finding a ride share home
  • Nontraditional or parenting resources and connections

Student Health Services
21 Carkoski Commons
507-389-6276 - Medical Clinic
507-389-5689 - Health Education

  • Anything that requires medical (chronic, acute or preventative) care
  • Prescriptions they need filled or over the counter medications
  • Blood drawn or lab tests done
  • Time to speak to a nutritionist, someone about drugs/alcohol, or any other health education issue
  • Scheduling a health-related workshop
  • Orientation Presentation

Student Support Services
355 Wiecking Center

  • Individualized services if neither parent has recieved a bachelors degree
  • Individualized services if they are a student with disabilites
  • Individualized services if they are a student with a qualifiying low income

Women's Center
218 Centennial Student Union

  • Referrals to advocacy for sexual assault and harassment
  • Information, referrals and support on women's issues
  • Non-therapeutic help for woman students

Veterans Resource Center
167 Centennial Student Union

  • Military veteran education benefits assistance, post-deployment transition issues, or a place to connect with other veterans.

If you still have questions, please visit our Parents and Family page to find an answer.