2023 Conference Theme

Transgenerational Resistance, Resilience and Unadulterated BLACK JOY

This year’s conference invites participants to examine their individual and collective contributions to the formation and sustaining of unadulterated BLACK JOY. We dare to shift beyond trauma narratives and acknowledge our collective joys.

Inspired by, writer, poet, and educator, JJ Bola’s premonition of transgenerational joy.

“I think about transgenerational trauma a lot, but I think of transgenerational joy more. I would like to think that my ancestors passed on love, and joy and happiness, that they knew I would need peace to survive this world, and so they sowed it in my blood.”

Points of consideration

  • How have we/you demonstrated and continue to demonstrate resilience?
  • How have we/you resisted and continue to resist?
  • What are we/you already doing for our communities, and how can we/you do better for one another?

The 47th Annual Pan African Conference offers guests a chance to pause, acknowledge, and appreciate paths of resistance. We ask participants to join us in in commemorating Unadulterated Black Joy. By exploring intersections resilience withing and beyond; education and leadership, individual and collective development, film and media, racial justice, and social and political activism.

Join us as we explore “Transgenerational Resistance Resilience and Unadulterated Black Joy!”