2024 Conference Theme


This year’s conference, named in honor of bell hooks' captivating essay, “Homeplace: A Site of Resistance,” invites participants to explore how they are cultivating nurturing, and affirming safe spaces and groups as a collective form of resistance, transformation, and reclamation. Black resistance emphasizes thriving in spaces that were never built with us in mind, such as higher education. We challenge you to take up space, honoring our authenticity, histories, intersecting identities, and shared joys.  

Points of consideration

  •  How have we/you cultivated Homeplace within yourself, making your mind, body, spirit, and soul a safe, loving place for healing and transformation?
  • How have we/you cultivated Homeplace with others as a collective site of resistance? 
  • How have we/you cultivated belonging within an authentic affinity community in an unfamiliar or historically exclusive area/location, discipline/area of study, and/or career path?