Past Conference Themes


Transgenerational Resilience Resistance and Unadulterated BLACK Joy

The Office of African American Affairs invites all to attend the 47th Annual Dr. Michael T. Fagin Pan African Conference Thursday, February 16th and Friday February 17th . Inspired by writer, poet, and educator, JJ Bola's premonition of transgenerational joy, this year's theme is Transgenerational Resistance, Resilience, and Unadulterated BLACK JOY.  

Join us as we explore some of the many ways resilience and resistance is passed from one generation to the next.


Closing the Equity Gap in Education: Moving Beyond Conversation Toward Identifying Best Practices!

In 2020, school closures and distance learning related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic widened the equity gap and forced society to revisit longstanding inequality issues in education. The 2022 conference proposed that educators move beyond discussing the education equity gap, focus on the question of how school cultures and curricula marginalize students of color, identifying best practices that allow us to best serve our students of color, and reflecting on innovative ways to move the needle forward and reimagine the world of education.


Our Moment is NOW!

The 2021 conference explored the intersections of racial justice, political activism and engagement, and financial capital within the pan-African community. Inspired by prominent and behind-the-scenes Black women leaders, the year’s conference objectives were:

  • honor the work of Black women who inspired communities to mobilize;
  • acknowledge pan-African unity in the pursuit of justice;
  • engage with Black and Brown public officials who seek reformation; and,
  • pour into souls whose vision is reminiscent of Black Wall Street


Understanding Voters’ Rights Through Voters’ Education

In 2020, the conference revisited moments in history that led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the voice of the people being heard. Community members and future leaders explored the importance of voting laws and voters’ rights. Participants also explored the implications of voter turnout, buy-in, and support of elected officials, laws, and policies on not just at the national level, but at the local and state level. History and Sociology were intertwined to help educate populations on the importance of utilizing their right to vote.


Dreaming of Wakanda

Our 2019 conference imagined new possibilities for economic justice, emancipatory education, and political solidarity. Inspired by the imaginary city featured in the film Black Panther, we considered pan Africanism as a political project for healing, sustaining, and loving ourselves. We invite secondary, post-secondary, and community leaders to join us for this year's conference as we proclaim "We are Wakanda!" to celebrate our diversity.


Vindicating the Suffering of our Ancestors and Earning the Respect of Future Generations

The Pan African Conference is committed to developing and enhancing the leadership skills in our collegiate Black young adults, as well as provide opportunities for academic scholars, professionals, and community members to discuss issues that affect descendants of Africa on a local, national and international level.


Pan Africanism: Intersectionality, Building Bridges and Reconnecting to Our Roots

The focus of the conference was to build student leaders and provide an opportunity for academic scholars, students, professionals and community members to discuss issues that affect African-American people.


Leading for Change

The focus of this conference is to build student leaders and provide an opportunity for academic scholars, students, professionals and community members to discuss issues that affect African-American people.


Understanding Our Past to Direct the Future ‘Sankofa.

Two nationally recognized keynote speakers headlined the 39th Dr. Michael T. Fagin Pan African Student Leadership Conference which was held in the Twin Cities in order to share it with a wider audience.