Competitions Scoring

Point System for the 2023 Homecoming Competitions

Total Possible Points: 1,250


Each team that enters the contest will receive 40 points (max of four participants). Only one team will be allowed to participate per competition team, but members may be swapped out between rounds. Points will be awarded to the winner of each round. Limited to eight competition teams but teams will receive points for entering.

Each round is worth 20 points.



Each team will receive 55 points for entering a team of six people (this is also the minimum number of players needed to participate). All members must sign a waiver in order to participate. Points will be given to the top three finishers in both divisions:

  • First Place: 45 points 

  • Second Place: 35 points 

  • Third Place: 20 points


BLOOD DRIVE (Max 100 points)

Each team will receive 25 points for each member (up to 100 points) who volunteers to donate blood at FSL’s blood drive. If a volunteer is not able to donate blood for health-related reasons, their team will still receive the points.


PHOTO CONTEST (Max 100 points)

Teams that take a group photo(s) with our new Stomper statue in the CSU will receive 50 points. The team with the best photo(s) will receive an additional 50 points. The photo(s) must be sent to along with the name of your competition team. Additionally, please post your photo(s) on Instagram using the hashtag #sittinwithstomper and tag @studenteventsteam to get points. The photo(s) must be sent by 3pm on Thursday, October 5 and the winner will be announced during the Lip-Sync Battle.


PARADE ENTRY (Max 300 points) 

The parade is Saturday, October 7, 2023, at 11 am. The lineup starts at 10 am (location tbd), at which point the judges will inspect each float and grade them based on the criteria below. Each team will earn 100 points for entering a float, car, or marching/walking unit. Separate registration is needed for the parade. Teams can earn additional points based the following:  

  • Correlation to Homecoming Theme: 40 points  

  • Originality and Creativity: 20 points  

  • Quality of Work: 40 points  

Additional points will be given to the top three teams:  

  • First place entry: 100 points  

  • Second place entry: 75 points

  • Third place entry: 50 points


LIP-SYNC BATTLE (Max 250 points) 

Each team will earn 150points for participating in this event. 

Additional points will be given to the top three teams: 

  • First Place: 100 points

  • Second Place: 75 points 

  • Third Place: 50 points 


ROYALTY COURT (Max 300 points) 

  • Teams will receive 40 points per candidate nominated. Maximum of two nominations. 

  • Teams will receive 70 points for each candidate that is chosen for the homecoming court (max 2 candidates).

    • Each team may enter only two candidates; gender doesn’t matter.  

  • A team will receive an additional 80 points if one or both are crowned as Homecoming Royalty.