Maverick Involvement Team


The Maverick Involvement Team empowers students and Recognized Student Organizations to make Maverick memories while developing exemplary leadership skills, building collegiate relationships, and promoting personal and professional growth.


Maverick Involvement Team is a student-led program that encourages students to discover and enhance their authentic inner-leader through peer-to-peer activity, involvement in Recognized Student Organizations, discussion, and support.

Guiding Values:

Serve as student advocates by:

  • Empowering individuals and organizations to grow and engage others.
  • Advocating for Inclusivity and equity, fostering respect, and affirming the identities of all people.
  • Supporting opportunities for students and organizations to connect with the campus community while growing their leadership skills. 
  • Provide Personal and Professional Growth through programs demonstrating how involvement and leadership skills create life-long learners.

What We Do:

  • Peer advising for RSO officers and student leaders
  • Leadership U Workshops
  • U-LEAD Conference
  • Student Leadership Retreat
  • Student Leadership Awards
  • RSO Officer Training
  • RSO Involvement Fairs

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