Student Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some common questions we receive from students. If you have further questions, you can contact Accessibility Resources at or 507-389-2825. You may also stop by our office in Memorial Library 132.

Before you request this, make sure you have "Alternative Formats" listed in your accommodation plan. Also, remember that texts purchased and provided to you are the intellectual property of the publisher and physical property of the University.

    1. First, log into MavAccess and submit your accommodation requests for your courses. Be sure to check the box for Alternative Formats.
      • Your requests may take a couple days to process.
    2. Once the requests are processed, you can log into MavAccess again, click Alternative Formats on the left-side menu.
    3. When you submit the accommodations request, it tells Accessibility Resources staff that you need ALL of the books listed. To narrow it down, under the "Request Alternative Formats for [Semester]" table, click "Select" next to the books you require.
      • If it lists multiple formats of the same book, just click whichever one makes sense. We will process the requests based on the book listed in the Maverick Bookstore.
    4. Once we've received your requests, we will process them. This will involve providing proof of purchase.

Once we've received the text, we'll send it via a download link (if digital) or for pickup (if physical).

Learn more here: Opening Alternate Formats.