Getting Started

Wherever you are in your academic journey, we ask that you follow the process below to start receiving accommodations for barriers to learning due to disability limitations. This includes:

  • incoming first-year students
  • current students
  • online only students
  • extended campus students
  • concurrent enrollment or PSEO students

The Process

Students with disabilities do not have to report or identify themselves to Accessibility Resources unless they want to request accommodations for disability barriers. For those who are seeking accommodations, there are three steps:

  1. Log into MavAccess with your Star ID and complete the New Student Application.
  2. Schedule an intake meeting with staff in Accessibility Resources by:
  3. Provide current documentation (if available) from a qualified, relevant professional that verifies disability barriers. Though it is preferred that we have documentation before the intake meeting, lack of documentation should not hinder the student from meeting with staff in Accessibility Resources.  Documentation can be e-mailed to, uploaded to the MavAccess application, dropped off at Memorial Library 132, or faxed to 507-389-1199. 

Detailed information about what we seek in this paperwork can be found within our Documentation Guidelines. Any information or documentation regarding the disability is kept confidential.

Documentation Guidelines

More Information

Prospective Students

We welcome prospective students with disabilities. Here is more information on the services we offer and how to register with our office.

Current Students

Information for Current Students with disabilities, and how to register for our services.

Medical Emergency and Temporary Health Conditions

For students who become temporarily impaired or ill for periods longer than two weeks and require support from Accessibility Resources.

Adjustments for Pregnant and/or Breastfeeding Students

Accommodations for students who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


Campus, community, and web based resources provided for students with disabilities.