With documentation, students may be eligible for accommodations through Accessibility Resources. Accommodations are established during an intake meeting with the student and it involves an interactive process of understanding the student's disability-related limitations for learning. These pages provide specific information, processes and request forms for many accommodations. In order to receive accommodations, these processes must be followed.


Minnesota State University, Mankato is dedicated to the principles of equal access in education and works directly with students who are encountering barriers in the design of physical, curricular, and social environments.

Academic Accommodations

Academic accommodations for students are determined on an individual case-by-case basis. Students with documented disabilities desiring an accommodation plan of support should schedule an appointment with Accessibility Resources.

Housing and Dining Accommodations

Students requesting accommodations for student housing need to apply for housing before contacting Accessibility Resources. Dining accommodations begin by contacting the University Dietician to see if needs can already be met. More information about starting the processes can be found at the given link.

Medical Emergency and Temporary Health Conditions

Accessibility Resources offers support to students who may be hospitalized and/or experiencing medical emergencies, as well as those experiencing temporary documented health conditions. The information provided by Accessibility Resources does not mandate any action on behalf of the course instructor but serves to verify the absence.

Adjustments for Pregnant and/or Breastfeeding Students

Students who are pregnant or breastfeeding may request adjustments based on general pregnancy or breastfeeding needs, or ADA disability accommodations based on a pregnancy-related complication.

Accessibility Parking

Accessibility parking provides people with mobility limitations the same opportunities to use public or private facilities as people who do not live with disabilities.

Service Animals

Service animals assisting individuals with disabilities are generally permitted in all facilities and programs on the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus except as described below.

Deaf/HOH Services

Accessibility Resources provides services for students and the general public who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Deaf/Blind for university-sponsored courses, programs, meetings, and events.