Online Learning for Students with Disabilities

Taking Exams Online - Practical Tips and Guidelines

Electronic Textbooks and Journals

For students with qualifying disabilities, textbooks for accommodations can be requested via MavAccess, or by emailing Amber Ness.

If you don't have an accommodation, there are other services offering accessible books:

VitalSource - Electronic Textbooks

VitalSource is offering free access to their textbooks. Sign up for an account and search for your books. To search their catalog without an account go to the VitalSource main page.


For qualifying students with disabilities, Accessibility Resources can set you up with a free individual account which will grant you access to a massive catalog of books. Contact Amber Ness to request an account.

Memorial Library eBook Collection

Remember the library has a large collection of eBooks to check out.

Adaptive Software for Learning


A reading and writing text-to-speech learning tool with many other features including highlighting eTextbooks.


A math learning tool to assist with accessibility and make math digital.

MacOS Built-In Read Aloud feature

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