Ostrander Auditorium Specification Sheet

In October 2009, The Centennial Student Union’s Ostrander Auditorium reopened after a $1.6 million renovation. It included a new 7.1 surround sound system, lighting and HD projection system. In the summer of 2014 Ostrander Auditorium went through additional updates to the audio visual system to simplify user control and operation over the presentation and sound system. Ostrander Auditorium features a large projection screen accompanied by an HD projector and 7.1 surround sound system for presentations and cinema. The auditorium also features a performance sound system controlled by a 24 channel digital audio mixing console. This versatile and attractive 349 seat performance and lecture space offers the latest in multimedia communication perfect for professional entertainment or information delivery.


Ostrander Layout

CSU Ostrander Tech Layout


  • (1) ETC ION Lighting Console (1,024 channels)
  • (26) ETC Source Four ERS for use as face light and gobo projection upon request
  • (12) ETC Source Four PAR as stage color wash
  • (1) Rosco I-Cue Intelligent Moving Mirror
  • (4) Elation Opti RGB PAR as LED color wash
  • Dimmable halogen house lights

House Sound

  • 7:1 Surround Sound
  • Custom Innovox Ribbon Speakers
  • Allen and Heath QU-24 digital mix console (for performance sound)

Crestron Control System

  • Input to system from three media cart locations via HDMI and VGA
  • (2) Blu-ray disc players
  • (1) Cable television tuner


  • (1) 16:9 HD Projector (Sanyo PDG-DHT100L)

High End Electrical

  • 200 Amp 3 Phase LEX Company Switch