Bomb Threats

If you receive and/or overhear a bomb threat, immediately call University Security at (507) 389-2111. You should complete the Bomb Threat Checklist as thoroughly as possible and provide it to responding emergency personnel.

Do not activate a fire alarm for a threat unless directed by emergency personnel.

Threats may be communicated in a number of ways such as a written note, telephone, or electronic communication. Please follow the guidelines set forth above. Additionally, the following measure should be taken:

  • WRITTEN THREATS – Anyone receiving a bomb threat in writing should handle the correspondence as little as possible.
  • EMAILED THREATS - Persons receiving bomb threat via email should leave the message on the computer. The person receiving the email should remain at the computer and not allow anyone to interfere and/or tamper with the message until emergency personnel arrives.
  • OTHER THREATS – Anyone receiving a bomb threat in person and/or overhearing such a threat should obtain the following information if possible and practical: the name of the suspect, time and location of the threat, witnesses, exact wording of the threat and any other relevant information.

Procedure/Action to Take:

  • Dail *57 on your phone after receiving a telephoned bomb threat to trace the call.
  • Call 911 for emergency response, and Univ Security (507-389-2111).
  • Remain calm.  Use the attached Bomb Threat Checklist below for emergency responders.
  • Do NOT touch suspicious objects if found.
  • Follow evacuation procedures
  • University investigation/procedure may include:
    • Police and building personnel are notified.
    • A search is made by police and/or building personnel.
    • Building security and system office management will determine if evacuation is necessary.
    • If evacuation is advised, emplolyees will assist emergency personnel with the orderly evacuation of the building. Follow the posted Emergency Response Guide. 
    • The police  will contact and question the person who received the bomb threat.
    • An "all clear" will be given when authorized by building management

     • If circumstances require that evacuation efforts are necessary, University Security or                     emergency personnel will direct those affected to appropriate locations.
     • If an evacuation is taking place, turn off all cell phones and leave immediate area (at least          300 feet).

Buildings may be re-entered only after clearance is given by University Security or emergency personnel.

Bomb Threat Checklist:

Dept of Homeland Security Checklist