Violent Behaviors and Active Shooters

Weapon on Campus

  • Immediately call 911 and/or University Security at 507-389-2111
  • Wait for police/security to arrive.
  • Do not confront the person with the weapon.
  • No effort should be made to intervene.
  • Weapons are prohibited on campus.

Active Shooter Three signs which resembles the acts to take when there is an active shooter with the first sign being run or escape if possible, second sign being hide if escape is not possible and lastly the third sign being fight only as a last resort

  • Run: If safe to do so, get away from the threat. Move quickly and get as far away as you can.
  • Hide: If you cannot run from the threat, hide, preferably in a locked or barricaded space. Silence phones and turn off lights. Prepare to fight.
  • Fight: If you are being attacked, or are about to be attacked, fight back with all of your energy. Attack with improvised weapons or throw objects. Keep moving.
  • Call 911 or University Security at 507-389-2111 if safe to do so.
  • View Run. Hide. Fight. video courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Screenshot of a YouTube video which says Run Hide Fight

Hostage Witness

  1. If the hostage-taker is unaware of your presence, do not intervene.
  2. Call 911.
  3. Stay on the phone with police if requested and safe to do so.
  4. Do not enter the hostage scene and advise others not to enter the area.
  5. Follow police directions upon arrival at the scene.

Hostage- If You Are Taken Hostage

  • Follow the instructions of the hostage taker.
  • Do not panic. Calm others if they are present.
  • Be respectful to the hostage taker.
  • Ask permission to speak and do not argue.

It is imperative that all faculty, staff, and students be proactive in the prevention of potentially violent situations. Members of the university community are encouraged to report all incidents of threats, physical assaults, violent encounters, etc., to the Mankato Police Department and/or University Security.

Shelter in Place

In the event of an active shooter or violent incident, University officials may notify the campus community to shelter in place. This means seeking immediate refuge and remaining there during an emergency.

  • Remain sheltered until you are advised it is safe to leave by emergency personnel.
  • If safe to do so, go to for the latest information.
  • Turn off lights and silence phones.
  • Block entry to your hiding place and if possible lock the door.
  • Hide.
  • Call 911 or University Security at 507-389-2111.

Lock downs are difficult to implement on campus. Our facilities and their use by a large variety of students, staff, and visitors make lock-down procedures challenging. In situations where a high school may call for a lock-down procedure, our campus may call for shelter in place.