Recognized Student Organizations

One of the privileges of being an RSO, is being able to reserve spaces on campus for regular meetings or events.

Recognized Student Organizations must be recognized through Student Activities prior to reserving spaces 

Weekly Meetings

  • Your RSO may schedule a maximum of 5 hours per week in the CSU.
  • Reserve your meeting space using Virtual EMS.
  • Use the recurring feature to schedule all of your weekly meetings in one request. For more information click here.
  • Your group may begin scheduling the next semester near the end of the current semester. You will not be able to schedule in Virtual EMS until those are opened up for scheduling.
  • You can log in to EMS to view the status of your request at any time.
  • Many of the meeting rooms in the CSU do not allow you to move the furniture. Moving the furniture may incur a charge, see here for specific information on this.


Special Events

  • Reserve your special event by emailing, calling or stopping by University Scheduling.
  • Click here to browse spaces on campus.
  • Special Event Checklist - A special event will require a Special Event Checklist, which you can find here. Filling this out will help you in planning your event, prompting you to consider set up, tech and other event needs. This form must be submitted 14 business days prior to your event. Once you submit the checklist, your groups adviser will be prompted to approve through OrgSync,as well as other areas, based on your event needs. Your event will not be confirmed until all approvals have been received. You will receive a confirmation form University Scheduling when it is approved and you can begin advertising your event.
  • You can log in to EMS to view the status of your request at any time.


If you have questions, email, call or stop by the University Scheduling Office.