Reservation Details

Reservation Process

Meetings and events held on campus, except academic classes, are scheduled through University Scheduling and Conference Services; which addresses questions regarding policies, parking and transportation services, decorations and marketing, catering and food, safety and insurance, technical services, campus amenities and fees. For reserving space for an academic class, contact Registrars Office at 507-389-5259.

To receive the best selection of meeting and event space, it is recommended a reservation request be submitted with as much advance notice as possible. A reservation request is considered tentative, and will not be considered confirmed, until all information needed to complete the reservation request is in place. University Scheduling and Conference Services does not honor tentative reservations and will not provide services based on tentative status.

To submit a reservation request:

Online Event Management System

For further assistance, please visit these tutorials:

Campus Browsing

Virtual Reservation Walk Through

Edit or Cancel Virtual Reservations

Recognized Student Organizations Reservations

Recognized Student Organizations are not charged for rental of space or for basic room set up. However, charges apply for technical practices and advanced audio, video, filming, lighting or media programming; for moving furniture and equipment from “preset rooms” and public lounges; and for exceeding established building hours. Recognized Student Organizations needs to be established in order to be eligible to request space. Information on becoming established is available on the RSO web site.

University Departments Reservations

University Departments are not charged for the rental of space or basic room set ups. However, charges apply for technical services, for moving furniture and equipment from “preset rooms” and public lounges; and for exceeding established building hours. In addition, if a department is profiting financially from an event, then the department will be charged for all room set ups.

General Public Reservations

General Public use of meeting or event space is welcome and encouraged. The General Public is charged for the rental of space, technical services, set ups, and exceeding established building hours. Discounts are available for Minnesota State University Alumni, students, staff and Non-Profit Organizations.