Health Insurance

Unlike other countries, the United States of America has limited-to-no access to low-cost or public health care. You may be used to free health care services in your home country; however, this is not the case when you study in the US.

F-1 Health Insurance 

You are required to purchase the Minnesota State University System sponsored health insurance upon arrival to campus. By entering the United States on the Minnesota State University, Mankato Form I-20, you entered into an agreement to abide by all the statements, terms, conditions, and figures that appear in the “Remarks” on the Form I-20. In addition, only health insurance purchased at another Minnesota State campus will transfer to Minnesota State University, Mankato. The annual premium is due and payable upon your arrival on campus, each year and thereafter. 

J-1/J-2 Health Insurance

J-1 Exchange Visitors and their dependents are required to have health insurance that meets the minimum coverage outlined by the United States State Department. Your J-1 program will be terminated if you fail to maintain your health insurance. The Minnesota State University, Mankato plan meets J-1/J-2 requirements. 

Health Insurance Refund 

This is only available to current students graduating, transferring to another US institution or for students returning to their home country. Contact the Kearney International Center for more information. 

When comparable insurance plans are in place for international students who receive full scholarships from the U.S. Government, International Organizations, or foreign embassies, an exception to purchase the mandatory Minnesota State University System-sponsored health insurance may be granted. If you believe you fall under any one of these categories of exceptions, email