Programs and Events

The Kearney International Center is proud of the great programs and events we put on each year. In collaboration with the International Student Association and other Recognized Student Organizations, students celebrate their cultures through music, dance, food, games, and activities.

Kearney International Center Sponsored Events

The Kearney International Center provides a variety of programs and events to bring a bit of the world together in the Mankato campus community. Programs range from small-group cultural discussions to large-scale events in collaboration with the University’s active and passionate international student groups. It is a delight to see our students feel pride in their countries while participating in such programs, especially while Minnesota State is their “home away from home.”

Signature Nights

Signature Nights give our enthusiastic population of international students the opportunity to share their countries and cultures to larger audiences of international students, domestic students and faculty and staff. The events occur twice a semester and feature food prepared by the students, performances and educational activities. The Kearney Center works in close collaboration to mentor and support our student groups to host these lively and entertaining nights.  

Interested student groups apply each Spring to host an event in the following academic year. To find this year's events, please see our event calendar below. 

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