International Student Association and RSOs


The International Student Association (ISA) is a Recognized Student Organization (RSO) that connects other international student organizations to serve the Minnesota State Mankato campus and community. ISA sponsors events and activities designed to promote interaction and understanding across international, cultural and domestic groups regardless of race, religion, status, gender, nationality, disability or any other group distinction as set forth by state or federal anti-discrimination sanctions. 


ISA is composed of student leaders who assume various roles to carry out events and programs.

The ISA president and vice president are elected each spring by the popular vote of the international student body. The 2023-2024 team is President Etsubdink Hasan and Vice President Kashfia Ahammed. ISA presidents and vice presidents select students through an application process to fill positions on the executive board and on the board of directors.

The Executive Board consists of the president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.

The ISA Board of Directors positions include:

  • ISA Room Manager
  • Event Coordinators 
  • Graphic Designer
  • Student Government Liaison 

ISA team members meet every week and devote many hours to meet their goals. 

General Assembly 

One of the other most important purposes of ISA is to bring together international student organizations. The General Assembly is comprised of ISA leaders and representatives from various international organizations. The Assembly meets regularly with ISA (biweekly) to promote interactions across cultures, support each other’s activities and explore how to positively impact the campus and community through their initiatives. 

International Student Association Office 

The ISA has its own office and is a great space to meet new friends, enjoy good coffee or tea, study, watch TV and just feel at home. Find it in CSU 264 (near the Multicultural Center and MSU Reporter office).

Recognized STUDENT organizations

Students on the Minnesota State Mankato campus are actively engaged in more than 200 Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs). The groups cover a variety of categories, such as academic, fraternity and sorority, honorary and professional, multicultural, religious and faith-based, special interest and sport and activity. There are many benefits of joining a recognized student organization, such as meeting diverse groups of people, developing leadership skills, exploring new hobbies and learning more about yourself.

Among these organizations are an increasing number of international Student Recognized Organizations. Throughout the year, and during new student orientation, these organizations hold regular meetings and events.  They are officially approved as organizations through Student Activities in CSU 173. Current international RSOs include: