Transfer of Credit Policies

General Education Information and Policies

A variety of transfer credit policies exist at Minnesota State University, Mankato, depending upon the type of institution previously attended or the program in which applicants are enrolled.

All credits earned at any college that is a member of the Higher Learning Commission or other comparable regional associations are applied toward the student's selected degree program as appropriate. The university reserves the right to determine whether previous coursework provides a suitable base for advanced study at Minnesota State Mankato.

Students transferring with an Associate of Arts Degree or a completed Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) will satisfy the Minnesota State Mankato general education requirements. Students transferring with an Associate in Science or an Associate in Applied Science and with less than a completed MnTC will have to complete the general education requirements from Minnesota State Mankato.

Technical Credits

A maximum of 16 semesters (24 quarter) credit hours will be accepted when transferring in coursework applicable to a technical program, i.e., Associate of Applied Sciences, Diploma, or Certificate programs. Technical credit will be treated as elective credit and will not count toward general education or major requirements. Students may petition a specific department/major for an evaluation of credits believed to apply to the major.

Three-Year Nursing Program Credits

Licensed registered nurses who have completed three-year hospital training programs may receive 48 semester (72 quarter) credits of electives toward any undergraduate degree program except nursing. Thirty-two (32) semester credits will be applicable to the lower division; 16 semester credits to upper-division coursework. To qualify, registered nurses need only present proof of satisfactory completion of R.N. tests as applicable. For further information, contact the Nursing Department.

Military Credits

Veterans, upon admission, may be granted academic credit for formal military schools attended including passing score of DANTES CLEP/DSST exam. DSST (Dantes) Exam equivalency forms for Minnesota State Mankato. A student’s military service documents are examined utilizing the American Council of Education (ACE) guides. A copy of the student's military transcript or Discharge (Form DD-214) is required for the evaluation. The University has determined that Basic Training does substitute for Performance and Participation course work in General Education. Military students can use the Veteran Education Transfer System (VETS) to determine how a military course would count at any university. 

Correspondence Credits

A student may apply a maximum of 10 semester credit hours of correspondence coursework from a regionally accredited institution toward a baccalaureate degree. Correspondence credits will transfer as elective credits but may be reviewed upon request by your major department for possible application to the program.

Graduation Credit Requirements for Transfer Students

Students must earn at least 30 semester undergraduate credit hours from Minnesota State Mankato; departments and Colleges may have more stringent residency requirements. Students must also have completed at least 40 semester credits of upper-division (300-400) courses.

PSEO and Concurrent Enrollment Credits

Many students in high school earn college-level credit through the Minnesota Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO), concurrent enrollment (aka "College in the Schools), or other arrangements with colleges and universities. Though a student may come to Minnesota State Mankato, with college credit earned, they will be considered a "First Year Student" for all admission and administrative purposes. This is because the college credits are earned before high school graduation.

PSEO and Concurrent Enrollment credits will be evaluated on an individual basis. Official transcripts from each post-secondary institution issuing college credit are required for credit evaluation. Students are responsible for contacting the registrar from their PSEO or Concurrent Enrollment institution and having their transcripts sent to:

Process for Appealing the Evaluation of Transfer Credits

  1. Complete and submit the Transfer Appeal Form. Students may be required to include additional information to support their case, including a course description, a course syllabus, and a reading list.
  2. The appropriate department or committee will review the appeal.
  3. The student will receive the outcome of the appeal in writing.
  4. A student may submit a Minnesota State system-level appeal. A student who is not satisfied with the transfer appeal decision may appeal to the Senior Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs. The decision of the Senior Vice Chancellor is binding.

Minnesota State Transfer Policies

Minnesota State Mankato complies with the Minnesota State system policy and procedures, including the Undergraduate Course Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure, the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum, and Transfer Rights and Responsibilities. The complete university policy on acceptance and evaluation of undergraduate transfer credits can be found here.

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