Military Transfer Credits

Military Transfer Policy

Veterans, upon admission, may be granted academic credit for formal military schools attended including a passing score of DANTES CLEP/DSST exam.

A student’s military service documents are examined by utilizing the American Council of Education (ACE) guides. A copy of the student's military transcript or Discharge (Form DD-214) is required for the evaluation.

The University has determined that Basic Training does substitute for Performance and Participation course work in General Education. The Veteran Education Transfer System (VETS) can be used by military students to determine how a military course would count at any university. Information on VETS is available here.

DSST Dantes Exam

Minnesota State University, Mankato recognizes the DSST (Dantes) examination. The exams were originally designed for the military as a way to provide individuals an opportunity to obtain college-level credit for content they learned through nontraditional means. Now available for civilian use, the DSST Test Control Officer (TCO) administers the exams on more than 560 military installations and official DSST test centers. The main users of the exams include adult education programs, U.S. Department of Defense, and colleges and universities.

Minnesota State policy requires students receive a minimum score on the examinations to qualify for possible awarding of credit and advanced placement, which is determined by the appropriate academic department on campus. If Minnesota State Mankato does not have an equivalent course, free elective credit may be awarded. Credit earned through DSST may not be used to satisfy residence-credit requirements for graduation.

Additional Information:

You can find more information on DSST exams and the location of testing centers at

Please contact the Office of the Registrar at 507-389-6266 or 1-800-722-0544 for more information on credit awarded for DSST tests.

DSST Examination Accepted Score Equivalent Minnesota State Mankato Course Credit Hours MnTC Goal
Fundamentals of College Algebra 400 MATH 112 4 4
Principles of Statistics 400 STAT 154 3 4
Art of the Western World 48 ART 160 3 6 & 8
Intro to the Modern Middle East 44 HIST Elective 3 5 & 8
Human/Cultural Geography 48 GEOG 103 3 5 & 8
Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union 45 HIST Elective 3  
A History of the Vietnam War 49 HIST Elective 3 5
Civil War and Reconstruction 47 HIST Elective 3 5
Foundations of Education 46 KSP Elective 3  
Lifespan Developmental Psychology 46 KSP or PSYC Elective 3 5
General Anthropology 47 ANTH Elective 3 5 & 8
Substance Abuse 400 HLTH Elective 3  
Intro to Law Enforcement 45 LAWE 131 3  
Criminal Justice 400 CORR Elective 3  
Fundamentals of Counseling 45 CSP Elective 3  
Principles of Financial Accounting 49 ACCT Elective 3  
Human Resource Management 46 MGMT Elective 3  
Organizational Behavior 48 MGMT Elective 3  
Principles of Supervision 46 MGMT Elective 3  
Business Law II 52 BLAW Elective 3  
Intro to Computing 400 IT Elective 3 13
Intro to Business 400 MGMT Elective 3  
Money and Banking 48 FINA Elective 3  
Personal Finance 46 FINA Elective 3  
Management Information Systems 400 MGMT 200 3  
Business Mathematics 48 MATH Elective 3  
Astronomy 48 AST Elective 3 3 (no lab)
Here's to Your Health 400 HLTH elective 3  
Environment and Humanity 46 ENVR Elective 3 8 & 10
Principles of Physical Science I 47 PHYS Elective 3 3 (no lab)
Physical Geology 46 GEOL 121 3 3 (no lab) 10
Technical Writing 46 ENG Elective 3 Writing Intensive
Ethics in America 400 PHIL Elective 3 6 & 9
Intro to World Religions 400 HUM Elective 3 6 & 8
Principles of Public Speaking 47 CMST 102 3 1B
Business Ethics and Society 400 PHIL Elective 3 6 & 9
Western Europe: Since 1945 45 HIST Elective 3 5 & 8