Transfer of Credit

How will my credits transfer?

In order to have previous college credits evaluated at Minnesota State Mankato, you must first be accepted to the University. Approximately 10 business days after you're admitted, our Registration and Academic Records Office will evaluate your completed coursework, and you will receive an official Degree Audit report of how your credits will transfer.

Degree Audit Report

Your Degree Audit report is your official credit evaluation; it explains how your credits have been accepted and applied to Minnesota State Mankato’s general education requirements. Individual academic departments determine how your credits transfer to meet the requirements of your major.

About 10 business days after you’re admitted, your credit evaluation will be available in e-Services.

  • You’ll need your Star ID and password to log in,
  • then click on ACADEMIC RECORDS in the left-hand menu,
  • then click on DEGREE AUDIT to access your report.

If you have questions or need to update your credit evaluation, please contact the Office of Registration & Academic Records.

Estimate Your Transfer Credits

If you're planning for a future transfer and want to get an estimate of how your credits will transfer to Minnesota State Mankato, is a great resource.

Transferology is very accurate but isn't always complete. It pulls information directly from our database, so if a course has been evaluated by our Registration and Academic Records Office before, it will give you an accurate report of how it transfers here. If a course has never been evaluated, Transferology will tell you it’s a “maybe.” When you are admitted to the University, we will evaluate that course and let you know how it transfers in your Degree Audit report.

  1. Create an account and sign in as a registered user at
  2. Once signed in, select Minnesota State University, Mankato from the list of colleges and universities to see how courses will transfer.

Transfer Agreements

Transfer Agreements are formal agreements between Minnesota State University, Mankato, and other colleges and universities to accept transfer courses for specific programs.

Please visit the transfer pathways website to learn more. For more information about transferring credits within the Minnesota State system, visit the Minnesota Transfer website.

Non-U.S. Colleges and Universities

We require all students hoping to transfer courses from a university outside of the U.S. to have their coursework evaluated by a professional credit evaluation agency. There are several agencies in the U.S., but we use Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE). For more information, go to the Educational Credential Evaluators website.

The rates for all of the agencies are about the same.

ECE provides an online application for credit evaluation. All majors should request the "course-by-course" evaluation.

Since the purpose of the ECE evaluation is the potential transfer of credit, it does not need to be submitted as part of the application review process. It can be submitted later. However, any post-secondary work you successfully completed at a non-U.S. college or university will be considered by Minnesota State Mankato only upon receipt of the official ECE evaluation.

Which MNSU department contact information should I use when I request my evaluation?

All evaluation questions and documentation are directed to the Registration and Academic Records department. 

Mailing Address:
Registration and Academic Records
Minnesota State University, Mankato
132 Wigley Administration Center
Mankato, MN 56001

Transfer Action Plan

The Transfer Action Plan will help you navigate the resources available to students as they work through the transfer process. Minnesota State Board Policy 3.39 is the policy that details the Transfer Rights and Responsibilities for students, Minnesota State Mankato, and the Minnesota State System.