What are Forms?

Microsoft Forms logoMicrosoft Forms is an app that is part of our Office 365 package and can be found on your "waffle" list of apps.

  • Unlike Excel Online Surveys, Forms is designed specifically for educators and students.
  • You can develop forms or quizzes that can be shared online.
  • Form responses do not automatically go into an Excel spreadsheet but can be downloaded into an Excel file.
  • You can add pictures or images to your Form questions.
  • Forms can be built collaboratively and can be made into a template for future use.

What is Excel Online?

As part of our Office 365 package, you can use Excel Online to create simple surveys that take advantage of the power of Microsoft Excel for data analysis.

Find Microsoft Forms

  1. Login to your MavMail account on any web browser with your Star ID credentials.
  2. Click the waffle icon in the top right corner.
  3. Locate Forms from the drop down.
  4. If you do not see Forms, click the Office 365 arrow link at the top right of the menu to see more apps.