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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Constitution Amendment Passes

- The name "MSSA (Minnesota State Student Association" may be a thing of the past now that the votes are in on the Name Change amendment voted in during the Spring General Election held April 10, 2018. University President Richard Davenport will now need to sign off on the new "Student Government" name change amendment. What is MSSA? It may soon be just "Student Government." The Constitution Commission is pleased with the result as well as the Pulbic Relations and Marketing Committee - it should be much easier to explain what goes on in student representative government using "Student Government" instead of MSSA.


Financial "Referendums" Adopted

In the 4/10/18 Spring General Election students by wide margins supported both a 2.96% increase in the Student Activity Fee and a 4.04% increase in the Intercollegiate Athletics Fee. The Student Senate had endorsed $2,605,360 in Student Activity Fee (SAF) subsidies to over 25 programs 3/14/18. State law requires student referendum if SAF increases go beyond 2%. Athletics' 4.04% increase over $3.71 per credit hr. - $1,175,714.


  Huge Turnout - MeMe Cronin is Next President           

  • In a record 4/10/18 election day turnout MeMe Cronin won as 2018-19 Student Government President. The new Vice President is Katelynn Ogunfolami who ran on Cronin's Mavericks United ticket. The Cronin/Ogunfolami ticket garnered 54% of the votes cast for the Pres./V.P. positions. Maverick Alliance Pres./V.P. ticket of Nayeem Imtiaz & Jeremy Loger-Porter received 46% of 1,762 votes cast.
  • Of 30 Senator seats, Maverick Alliance won 13, Mavericks United won 12, three seats were won by independents, and two Senator seats remain vacant (Education and Allied Health & Nursing).


Katelynn Ogunfolami is Next Vice President

MSSA Senators rest after the 7 hours long Budget Hearing on March 14th, 2018. The Student Senate endorsed $2,605,360 in Student Activity Fee (SAF) subsidies to over 25 programs.3/14/18. State law requires student referendum if SAF increases go beyond 2%, including SAF programs + Athletics. Athletics' 4% increase over $3.71 per credit hr. - $1,175,714. Student Allocations Committee website

MSSA President

MSSA President AbdulRahmane Abdul-Aziz

MSSA Vice President
Kayla Cremers