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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

06–07 Student Senate 06–07

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Number of Senators


Office Holder



Residence Hall Complex Senators - McElroy, Crawford, and Gage A Tower Senators are elected in the April General Election.  The Gage B Tower "Maverick Hall" Senator is elected in the October Vacancy Election.
  1 - Gage A Tower Residence Hall Complex Evan Trosvik
  1 - Gage B Tower - Maverick Hall - Elected each October Aaron Lorenzen

1 - McElroy Residence Hall Complex

Jennifer Hansen
  1 - Crawford Residenc Hall Complex Kathryn Pase


Off-Campus Senators - All are elected in the April General Election.
    Jon Sands
    Cole Fink
    Ryan Christensen
    Michael Norton
    Allan Gould
    Jon Hurm
    Caroline Kornowicz
    Jason Schilling


Academic Senators - Students with declared majors (according to Registrar's records) within a college organized under the Academic Affairs Division.  All elected in the April General Election.
  2 - Allied Health & Nursing College Jessica Kallio
    Taitum Thompson
  1 - Arts & Humanities College Casey Carmody
  3 - Business College Brett Fleck
    Nikki Hanna
    Brandon Ross
  1 - Education College Jenna Ault
  2 - Graduate Studies College Kristeen Giese
    Katie Ischkin
  3 - Science, Engineering & Tech. College Oliver Okoye
    Kenneth Willaert
    Jessica Nelson
  3 - Social & Behavorial Sciences College Nolan Chenevert
    Peter Jennings
    Marianne Reilly


Undeclared Majors Senators - One is elected in the April General Election and the other is elected in the October Vacancy Election.
    Ryan Anderson - April
    Amanda Bertelsen


Total Number of Seats for Senators


Minnesota State Student Association President Gabe Afolayan


Minnesota State Student Association Vice Pres. Christopher Frederick


Total of Senate Voting Members
Vacant Chair Senate Speaker is the nonvoting presiding officer of the Student Senate elected by that body. Jered Jackson


April General Election - Each April the Annual General Election of the MSSA shall be held on the 2nd Tuesday for the purpose of electing the President, the Vice President, and the Senators.  The President and Vice President shall be elected at-large and the Senators shall be elected by and from among their specific constituency.  Fore election purposes each Spring Semester the Elections Committee shall apportion the 15 available college affiliated seats on the basis of the number of student within a particular college.  Two of the Student Union Board members shall also be elected in the April General Election.  Students elected in the April General Election shall satisfy the requirements of their constituency before the first meeting after the start of Fall Semester classes or forfeit their seat, except Senators representaing student who have not declared an undergraduate major and their term shall expire the day of ratification of the following year's April General Election results  27 Seats Filled; All are one year terms.
October Vacancy Election - Each October there shall be an "October Vacancy Election" on the 2nd Tuesday in October for the purpose of filling any vacancies as declared by the Senate Speaker that are created between the time of the ratification of the April election results and October 1.  One of the two "Undeclared Senators" and the Gage B-Tower "Maverick Hall Senator" shall also be elected in the October Vacancy Election and shall have their term expire the day of ratification of the following year's October Election results.  At least 2 Seats Filled; The Undeclared Senator and Maverick Hall Senator serve for one full term. The Senators elected to fill the unexpired seats declared vacant by the Speaker shall serve until after the next April General Election results are ratified.
Elections Committee - The Elections Committee shall have the sole authority to develop and enforce any and all rules and regulations regarding the April General Election and the October Vacancy Election, as well as any special elections.  However, all Elections Committee recommendations must be forwarded to the Senate for approval, modification, or disapproval, prior to their implementation.  The voting membership of the Elections Committee shall consist of seven students, none of whom shall be a candidate for any elective post of the Student Association.
Speaker Declares Vacancies - A vacancy in the Senate shall be declared when it is announced by the Speaker of the Senate and appears in the Senate minutes.  Announcement of a vacancy in the Senate shall appear at least twice in the student newspaper before the vacancy is filled.  Except as indicated in Article IV of the Constitution, a vacancy in the Senate shall be filled by the Senate which shall elect a successor from those individuals who meet the requirements of the respective constituuency and who appear before the Senate at the designated time.  The election shall be held during the second regular Senate meeting following the declaration of the vacancy and shall not be subject to veto.  If the vacancy is not filled during this meeting, it may be filled during any subsequent regular meeting.  An individual shall be deemed elected to fill a vacancy when receiving a majority of the votes cast.  "Limited voting" will not be used in filling mid-year vacancies.