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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Opportunity is Knocking. Will You Answer?

April 04, 2006

Students of Minnesota State University have the unique opportunity to have their questions answered and issues and concerns addressed Wednesday when the MSSA hosts a debate for presidential and vice-presidential candidates. The MSSA elections are April 11.

This debate, more than any clever campaign posters or Facebook group, is the perfect chance for the student body to get to know candidates. Take it. Not only will the debates benefit candidates (who have the opportunity to earn votes the right way), but the debates will benefit students — all MSU students — who are directly impacted by the choices of these student leaders.

Students should take great interest in campus politics. The president and vice president of the MSSA are entrusted with a great deal of money and a great deal of power. Look for the candidates who are willing to go to the plate for students seeking influence on issues such as rising tuition, student fees and administrative policies. A few of these candidates will earn the chance to act as the student body’s loudest voice. Since administration cannot take the time to hear from more than 14,000 students, we must make sure we select the most capable few.

Students can rest assure these presidential and vice presidential candidates are competing on a level playing field. Each candidate is equally qualified as a student leader. These debates should inform students on who’s best suited to benefit student interests. This year, President Rob Wills and Vice President Mike Bruner have led the MSSA with the kind of dignity and tenacity that should make the student body proud. Students should expect the same qualities from the next administration.

The roles of president and vice president are not easy. Time consuming and taxing, it’s crucial students select candidates whose interests lay within those of the student body. These jobs are not meant to illuminate a job resume (though they do), they’re meant to illuminate a democratic process that stands to benefit students, administration and the future of the university (if run by the right people).

Attend Wednesday’s debate and let this be the deciding factor in shaping the future of the MSSA, and in turn, MSU.