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Senate gears for upcoming convention

Plethora of new technology on campus, College Cost Reduction Act also topics at MSSA meeting

by Brittney Hansen

Issue date: 9/13/07 Section: Senate Notes

The recently passed Federal College Cost Reduction Act, MSUSA Conference, and new technology on campus were among the topics discussed at this week's MSSA meeting.

Holly Davis, an MSUSA Campus Organizer for Southern Minnesota, spoke Wednesday. MSUSA is a student run organization much like MSSA, but on the state level as opposed to the campus level. MSUSA is currently discussing the recent Federal College Cost Reduction Act with legislators and is also sponsoring a conference in Moorhead, this weekend that several MSSA members will attend.

Davis mentioned her excitement at the recent news, which will offer more loan payment plans contingent on income, cut student loan interest rates, offer loan forgiveness for students in certain fields, as well as increasing the Federal Pell Grant.

Vice President Casey Carmody felt that while this new act will be beneficial, it was "like throwing 12-feet of rope to someone drowning 13-feet away."

MSSA President Chris Frederick recently attended the Student Affairs Convocation where the campus-wide computer power outage was discussed, as well as new technology available to students.

• D2L has gone through some service upgrades and updates.

• Emergency Broadcast System - 200 Voice-Over-Internet phones have been added to campus and will be tested next Wednesday at 12:55 p.m.

• MavPRINT will now have the option for simplex or duplex print. Duplex printing will give students the option to print on both sides, cutting down on paper use.

• Students can now add money to their MavCash account through the MavCash website. MavCash can be used at MavAve, Campus Dining, vending machines and Barnes & Noble. Students receive a 10 percent discount when they use their MavCash at vending machines and a 5 percent discount at campus dining services.

• Students can access MavMail, D2L, MavCash, MavDISK, and much more with one easy log in. MyMNSUPortal also offers various news feeds and weather updates.

• The ACC will also offer free courses on Vista, Microsoft Office 2007, and more.

Student Affairs Coordinator Abbie Hill addressed the senate after holding this year's first student affairs committee meeting last week. One of the issues discussed in the meeting was the possibility of bringing a physical therapist to campus. This year is an audit year for Student Health Services, and they are looking for student feedback and concerns Any students interested to be on a panel should contact Hill at

The Student Affairs Committee is open to all students and meets every other Thursday from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. in the MSSA conference room and the next meeting will be held September 20.

MSSA still has vacancies in the following positions: Allied Health and Nursing (2), College of Education, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Science Engineering and Technology, Gage A Hall, Gage B Hall, Crawford Hall, McElroy, Undeclared, College of Business, and 3 Off-Campus positions. Applications are due Friday, Sept. 14 and elections will be held Sept. 18.

Brittney Hansen is a Reporter staff writer