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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Division I On the Horizon?

Senate Notes

by Tom Froemming

Issue date: 10/19/06 Section: Campus News

With question marks surrounding the North Central Conference, Minnesota State is looking into reclassifying its athletic teams to Division I. Currently, men's and women's hockey are the only sports competing on the D-I level.

This summer, The University of North Dakota announced it would be making the jump to Division I in the coming years. In response, the other members of the NCC have been researching the viability of moving up, leaving the future of the conference in jeopardy.

Minnesota State Student Association President Gabe Afolayan spoke with MSU President Richard Davenport and said he was told the university is currently looking into how much the move would cost and what would be affected by a reclassification. Afolayan said there is no formal, concrete study but the university will be looking deeper into Division I in the coming months. Afolayan also said Davenport told him they want to make sure students are well informed before making any decisions as a move would likely result in an increase in tuition.

The Reporter will include more information on the reclassification process and what research MSU is conducting in the coming weeks.

Quizno's Doesn't Stack Up

Senator Jason Schilling informed the MSSA that the Student Union Board decided against bringing Quizno's to campus. Of the reasons for not adding the national sub-sandwich chain, Schilling said $300,000 in sales - or an average of 192 sandwiches per day not including weekends, holidays or breaks - would be needed per year to keep Quizno's happy with the contract. Schilling also said Quizno's would've had an opt-out if it reported three consecutive months of loss.

One senator asked if adding Subway as a sandwich provider would be an option. Schilling said there was an on-campus Subway years ago but it didn't do well in terms of sales. He said Stacks, the current sandwich restaurant in the CSU, will expand its size and menu next semester and will begin baking its own bread.

In terms of the Mav Ave as a whole, Schilling brought up a survey that showed 70 percent of those asked would eat at the CSU if hours were extended.

"That was very shocking," Schilling said. "This means one of two things: Either the student union isn't open long enough or we aren't marketing right. It turns out they are open very late."

Schilling said the downstairs Mav Ave locations are open until 10 p.m. and there are other locations open until midnight. Taco Bell, however, is only open until 5 p.m.

"That was a concern because Taco Bell is a very popular restaurant and if they extend their hours, they might get more business," Schilling said. "So, we're going to look into that."

All-Night Computer Access

Senators Oliver Okoye and Ryan Anderson presented a motion recommending the Student Union Board to examine the cost and benefit of having a portion of the CSU open 24 hours a day so students could use computers.

Okoye said he has seen students who study in the CSU until it closes at 2 a.m. and then have nowhere to go if they need to use a computer. He said he thinks there needs to be an on-campus location where students can go to access documents or use the Internet at any hour. The motion passed.

TCF Bank Contract Up for Renewal

One decision the university will be faced with is whether it wants to renew its contract with TCF Bank. TCF Banks are located across the state of Minnesota and have branches on several university campuses including the University of Minnesota, St. Cloud State and the University of Minnesota-Duluth. One issue several senators brought up was that students who live outside the state are forced to have two bank accounts - one for school, one for home - which creates confusion and the hassle of transferring money from one account to the other.

Senator Casey Carmody expressed his concern concerns that incoming freshmen and students who have direct deposit from MSU haven't been informed they can bank with anyone, not just TCF.

"We have tried to make some changes in the orientation process to make sure that students understood that it's a convenience factor for them to bank on campus with TCF," said Vice President of Finance and Administration Rick Straka, "but by no means are we trying to push every student toward that arrangement and they have a choice to bank with whoever they wish."

A motion was presented to have the Student Affairs Committee examine any concerns with on-campus banking. The motion failed in a vote that resulted in a tie.

SVEC Presents Numbers

Sexual Violence Education Coordinator Lindsay Gullingsrud presented a detailed report of the work she has done from Aug. 14 to the present. During that time period, nine primary victims and nine secondary victims, which Gullingsrud described as concerned others, have taken advantage of her services.

According to her report, two victims of domestic violence and one victim of stalking have also visited Gullingsrud for support. She has also made more than 100 follow up contacts with the victims as well.

Gullingsrud said her role is to provide victims with all the support possible and to collaborate with law enforcement or any other appropriate services.

A total of 28 students have visited her interested in information pertaining to potential services, education on sexual violence and prevention methods.

Gullingsrud works in the Women's Center office (CSU 218) and can be contacted at 507-389-6146.

MSSA meetings are open to the public and take place at 4 p.m. Wednesdays in CSU 284.

Tom Froemming is the Reporter Editor in Chief