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MSSA Envisions More Student Involvement
Commercial Used to Up Campus Visibility.

by Emmeline Elliott
Issue date: 7/12/06 Section: Campus News

Students won't have much of an excuse to claim ignorance about their campus government next year.

The Minnesota State Student Association is making several changes in hopes to become more familiar to students.

One of the most informative and noticeable additions will be the student senate commercial, which can be found at

"We want to use more media outlets to let students know what we do," MSSA President Gabe Afolayan said.

The commercial tells students about what MSSA does as student representatives and services they provide, such as the free-of-charge student attorney.

While students check out the commercial online, they will also find new features like a blog and quick-poll surveys.

"We're making our Web site more interactive," Afolayan said. He said the surveys are intended to find out what issues are important to students and what students expect from their senate.

In a couple weeks, Afolayan said, students will be able to see the new MSSA logo on the Web site.

"We'll have a brand-new image," he said.

Afolayan would like the senate to work with other groups on campus to be more accessible to students. One idea is to plan some events with athletics, such as catering free food to students at a game and other fun stuff "to get people excited."

Afolayan said he would like to let students know about the senate's activities by placing an update in the Reporter every couple weeks.

"We want to start promoting dialogue a lot more," he said.

These changes will not only benefit students, Afolayan said, but will also let the administration know what is on students' minds. Afolayan said he wants to have more meetings with the administration next school year.

Student senators will have MSSA shirts to wear next year that Afolayan hopes will make senators more identifiable and approachable.

A poster campaign on campus will provide students with information about MSSA.

The MSSA Web site will have more details about how the student activity fee money is allocated and have a list of all the resolutions made during the weekly meetings.

In the spring, the senate will host a student leader alcohol forum.

All these changes and additions are being made with one particular goal, Afolayan said, and that is to promote student involvement.

"Hopefully students will see us as more of an outlet to bring their concerns to," Afolayan said.

Student senate meetings are held every Wednesday during the school year at 4 p.m. in Centennial Student Union 284. The MSSA office is in CSU 280.