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Forum a Missed Opportunity For MSU Students

Issue date: 10/3/06 Section: Editorial

Thursday's open forum was designed to give students the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns to Minnesota State President Richard Davenport, Minnesota State Student Association President Gabe Afolayan and MSSA Vice-President Chris Frederick. The message sent by the MSU student body sounded more like one of its favorite hockey chants - "who cares?"

The crowd that gathered on the windy day included numerous Minnesota State faculty members, members of the Minnesota State Student Association, students covering the event for class and a few people who would come and go, eating free hotdogs in between. Joe and Jane Student weren't present.

During the event, Davenport argued that a plus/minus grading system would increase academic standards to students who were concerned that the proposed plus/minus grading system would make it more difficult to receive good grades.

Who's right? Which way is better, the current system or a plus/minus system?

The proposed course repeat policy, which would change the number of times a student could repeat a class from no limit to twice, received less criticism from the few students who spoke and Davenport cited academic standards, again, as the reason this policy is being proposed.

Should students only be able to take a class three times? With many of us forced to drop classes due to changes in our work schedules, should we have more than three opportunities to attempt a class?

Of course, textbooks were discussed at the forum as well. A student proposed a textbook rental program at MSU. Would that be a good idea, or would it limit teachers on what curriculum they could use?

There are many questions relating to the three topics discussed at the forum and, no matter how much or how little informed on the topics, every student at MSU has an opinion, or certainly should, and has their own answers to the questions above.

It's not often that President Davenport and the leaders of the MSSA are in the same place at the same time for the sole purpose of answering your questions. You may have missed the opportunity, but there are other ways of having a voice - with the MSSA at least.

If you're a student who missed the forum but wants to be heard or informed, the MSSA Web site says it all.

Who: Students

What: Any issue or problem

Where: CSU 284

When: 4 p.m. every Wednesday