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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Pre-Budget Presentations Heard

Senate Notes

by Emmeline Elliott

Issue date: 11/16/06 Section: Campus News

As a way to prepare itself for what can be a lengthy meeting, the Minnesota State Student Association asked all departments that request student fees to make a presentation of how the money is spent before the annual budget hearing in April.

Campus Recreation and the International Student Office were the first two departments to comply by appearing before the student senate at Wednesday's meeting.

Todd Pfingsten, director of Campus Recreation, talked about several of his department's goals. In regard to the South Campus Recreation and Fitness Facilities Plan - a multi-million-dollar project once planned to be funded solely from student fees - Pfingsten said the university has met with the cities of Mankato and North Mankato, the school district, Bethany Lutheran College and South Central College to discuss their potential roles as funding resources. Pfingsten said the university would meet with these parties again in December.

The search for a program coordinator for Campus Recreation had to be put on hold because funding does not exist to support the position, Pfingsten said.

Replacing old exercise equipment continues to be a chief concern of the department, Pfingsten said, and that there are 11 more intramural teams this year as compared to last year.

Tom Gjersvig, director of the International Student Office, also made a presentation to the MSSA. He showed charts of student fee allocations, surplus and total expenditures since fiscal year 2001 and said that FY 07 is the first year that the department has reached a deficit. Gjersvig said that he is correcting the problem by hiring about 1.5 graduate assistants instead of two.

Some of the activities the ISO funds is South Asia Night, International Festival and Wachipi Pow-wow, Gjersvig said. He said the ISO would like to get more one-on-one events to help international students make more friends with U.S. students.

Emmeline Elliott is a Reporter staff writer