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Tuition and Fees Forum Set for Monday

According to Afolayan, forum is "a chance for students to engage student representatives about their situations.

by Stephany Beshara

Issue date: 2/1/07 Section: Campus News

With all the talk about tuition prices and hikes, students will get a chance to have their voices heard it's time to get your voice heard. The Minnesota State Student Association is hosting an open forum on tuition and fees Monday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. The forum will be held on the main level of the CSU in front of the Heritage room.

MSSA President Gabe Afolayan and Vice President Chris Frederick along with President Davenport, Reporter Editor-in-Chief Andrew Miller and various other cabinet members will be at the event. This is the first open forum MSSA has put on this semester. With a wide range of panelists, students are given more opportunities for their concerns to be heard and answered.

According to Afolayan, the forum is "a chance for students to engage student representatives about their situations." The forum also gives students the opportunity to have their questions and concerns about tuition answered directly. The forum is the answer to questions about how the university allocates the student's money; it's a direct answer to these questions.

Cabinet members from the finance department are expected to attend the forum. They will be available to answer more specific finance questions and be able to give a more specific answer about student fees.

According to Frederick, many MSU students did not know where their student fees were being spent before the elaborate poster campaign began. Frederick is optimistic that this forum will give those students the opportunity to ask more questions and learn more about where their fees are going around campus.

Frederick and Afolayan both hope to have a lot of students attend the forum so they can hear what the students want and better represent them.

MSSA is in the process of going through the results of the recent survey that was sent out via email. Looking through the survey results will give the MSSA representatives at the forum a starting point while conducting the forum. According to Afolayan the panelists will be there to facilitate the conversation.

The last forum about 200 students attended or just passed thought. Afolayan anticipates a larger turnout due to the recent success of their poster campaign and all the publicity tuition has received over the past few months.

The MSSA has started a new campaign called "Gotta Gripe." Gotta Gripe is a series of poster size papers set up in the CSU with topics such as 'advisors' and 'off campus housing.' The pages began as blank pieces of paper and as students write their "gripes" they are quickly filling up. These sheets of paper, according to Afolayan, are an "easy way to silicate feedback [from the students,]" and it also is a quick way for students to find out what their fellow students think about certain topics.

When: Feb. 5, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where: CSU Outside Heritage Room
Tickets: Free and Open to Everyone

Stephany Beshara is a Reporter staff writer