​Minnesota State Mankato recommended Services for Students with Disabilities

Recommended Services on Campus

Do you have tutoring services?

The Center for Academic Success is the primary comprehensive academic support resource for the University. The Center for Academic Success tutoring is available on campus at no cost.

Many departments also maintain lists of student tutors for hire, and some classes have Teaching Assistants who can be accessed without charge.

What if I need a prescription filled for a medication I take or need medical attention?

The Student Health Service (SHS) on campus (21 Carkoski Commons) provides medical care and health education for all enrolled students who pay the student activity fee. The SHS is staffed by full-time physicians with a specialty in family practice, a psychiatrist (part-time), and family nurse practitioners. The SHS has an in-house laboratory and pharmacy.

Does the University offer any special programs for first year students?

The New Student and Family Programs (FYE) at Minnesota State University, Mankato is a dynamic office with a core mission of first year student success and retention. Through a variety of programs and services, the office is poised to have an impact on students at the time of entrance to the university, throughout the first year, and beyond. The FYE program presents the Orientations for new and transfer students, offers a 1-credit First Year Seminar course designed to develop student success skills, provides academic advising for students who have not declared a major, houses the Learning Communities Program, and serves as the coordinator of support for Parent Relations and Services.

What if I need support as I adjust to college life?

The Counseling Center (285 Centennial Student Union) on campus has licensed professional psychologists and counselors who offer confidential support to students in resolving personal, social, and educational concerns that may be interfering with their ability to succeed at the University. You do not have to be experiencing an emotional or academic crisis to use the Center. No concern is too small to bring in to discuss. This service is offered at no charge for enrolled students.

Are there other support programs on your campus I should know about?

Student Support Services is funded through the U.S. Department of Education in cooperation with Minnesota State University, Mankato and serves students who qualify as either low income, first generation college students or students with disabilities. The services provided by SSS are free to participants and include tutoring, academic advising, personal and/or career counseling, career planning, workshops, seminars, and cultural activities.

Where would a returning veteran go on campus for additional assistance?

The Veterans Resource Center is a one stop resource for information and referrals regarding veterans benefits and rights.