Expected Family Contribution (EFC)

Expected Family Contribution is determined from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) is derived from the federal formula developed by the U.S. Congress, known as the Federal Methodology. The EFC represents the parent and student contribution to educational expenses.

(a) the parent contribution (for dependent students) - an amount, based on factors which include income, assets, family size and number in college, that the parents are expected to contribute toward the cost of attendance for the academic year; and

(b) the student contribution (for dependent and independent students) - an amount, based on student income and assets, that students are expected to contribute toward the cost of education.

Ultimately, it is the family's responsibility to pay for higher education. Parents of dependent students are required to submit income/asset information. (See the section on "Determining Independent Status"). Because the student is the primary beneficiary of the college education, students are also expected to contribute toward meeting their educational costs.