Students Studying Abroad and Away

Your first step when considering a study abroad or study away program is connecting with the Center for Education Abroad and Away, in the lower level of Morris Hall, Room 3. You may visit the office Monday-Friday 8am – 4:30pm during the academic year (7:30am – 4pm in summer) or call 507-389-1341.

The CEAA will guide you through the process of enrolling in a study abroad or study away experience, as there are extra processes and requirements to meet as well as additional costs to consider. Once you have all the financial details about your desired program you will be able to meet with a Financial Aid Advisor to review your timelines and the process to access funding to cover your additional costs. Many study abroad experiences are funded through private educational loans so it is important to plan ahead and explore your financial aid options as early as possible when making your commitment to participate in one of these extraordinary opportunities. Call the Campus Hub at 507-389-1866 or visit them in the Student Union to schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor to discuss your study abroad budget adjustment request.

Study Abroad/Away Information