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Student Affairs division offers numerous opportunities for people to make a difference in our students lives.

Student Affairs General Fund

Working with our leaders of tomorrow, Student Affairs professionals support, challenge, and promote learning activities outside of the classroom. Whether it is sending students to a leadership conference or providing a scholarship for current student leaders, contributing to the Student Affairs General Fund gives you an opportunity to join in on the fun of being a part of the journey of Minnesota State Mankato students. 

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MAV Cares Fund

The MAV Cares Emergency Grant Program ensures students will be successful in their daily life even when they are faced with unexpected financial emergencies. A MAV Cares Emergency Grant provides critical resources so students can stay in school even when their campus or other employment is not available. Your gift helps students afford housing, transportation, online learning resources and more. With your support, we can help students facing emergencies right now.

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Campus Recreation/Sports Clubs/Intramurals

Campus Recreation - Support Campus Recreation programs, facilities, equipment and staff through your donations.

Sport Clubs - Sport Clubs are student run organizations that represent Minnesota State University in and around Mankato, throughout the region and even nationally. Gifts given to your sport club recipient will help the club with travel, uniform, equipment & tournament entry fee expenses. Designate the specific club to receive the donation.

Maverick Adventures - Maverick Adventures, a program within Campus Recreation, works to increase opportunities for students and the surrounding community to seek adventure in their world. Maverick Adventures provides teambuilding, leadership development, ropes course, rock climbing, equipment rental, and regional outdoor programming. We have been intentional about growing our equipment rental and outdoor programming in recent years, in hopes of expanding our programming and creating opportunities for our students to connect with the natural world. 

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Career Development Center

You can support the Career Development Center’s vision to positively impact the career success of all students and graduates! Funds go toward services and programs that help students choose a major, connect with employers and all levels of jobs, and plan for graduate school.

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Counseling Center

Items we can benefit from include marketing giveaways, funding for educational programs, crisis management programs, enhancement to offices, and technology upgrades. We can always benefit from funding for stipends and additional staff as well. 

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Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternity and Sorority Life Scholarships – Contributions to this fund will support the awarding of the Marie Bruce Outstanding Fraternity Man & Sorority Woman awards and the Outstanding New Member awards. These awards are accompanied by scholarships that recognize accomplishments and contributions by our most outstanding fraternity and sorority members.  

Fraternity & Sorority Life Program – Contributions to this fund will provide financial support to educational and leadership programs, community-wide events, and student travel to leadership opportunities.

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New Student and Family Programs

Provide support for the programs and services in the New Student and Family Programs Office including new student orientation. Provide support for the communication between the University and families of our students and involve families in the Maverick experience, including regular communications and Family Weekend. 

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The Reporter

Contributions to The Reporter enable us to give scholarship money to our students and also helps us with day to day operations of The Reporter. We publish twice a week and teach students the skills they will need to take with them in the areas of sales, writing, photography and social media these skills put them a step above others when applying for a career.

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Residential Life

First- and second-year students who live on campus earn a higher GPA and more likely to stay in school than their off-campus counterparts. A student living in a renovated double room has a cost of $9,960 per year. Help a student succeed by supporting their living expenses. 

You can support Residential Life by making a meal plan donation. A meal plan at the University Dining Center allows students to eat nutritious and delicious variety of foods for a cost of about $14 per day, come and go as you wish. The annual price is $3,040 for 221 days of meals – an eye-popping number for a struggling student.  Help a student eat well and conveniently by contributing to their dining expenses.   

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Student Activities Program

Student-centered and developing tomorrow’s leaders, Student Activities provides innovative, dynamic, and inclusive hands-on learning where Mavericks can explore and enhance their collegiate experience. Your financial support will create opportunities for students to build their skillset and prepare themselves to lead organizations.

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Centennial Student Union

The Centennial Student Union’s mission revolves around three important words: Invite…Involve…Inspire! During your time at the University we hope we Invited you into our “living room” to see all the CSU had to offer. We hope you became Involved in the vast array of programs and services which happened in your home away from home. And, we hope we Inspired you to dream big, try new things, and to take on leadership roles to prepare you for life after college.

Your financial contributions will help the next generation of students to achieve their goals while at our great institution!

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Student Health Services

Contributing to Student Health Services offers continued quality and affordable healthcare to students at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This student-fee and revenue-funded program includes an on-site accredited medical clinic with full-service pharmacy, lab, and health education services. In-person and telehealth visits are available with physicians and nurse practitioners to meet students where they are at, in addition to mail order prescription and over the counter (OTC) supplies. Additional financial support allows Student Health Services to be less reliant on student fees and expand existing services including alcohol and drug education, mental health prevention education and psychiatry, and specialty services such as birth control and dermatology.

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Veterans resource center

The Veterans Resource Center provides assistance, peer support, and educational events for veterans, current military members, and military family members.

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