Our Departments

Minnesota State University is committed to providing the resources, opportunities, and support to help maximize the student experience. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student, there are a multitude of opportunities to help you be the best student you can be. You have the opportunity to advocate for your needs and utilize the services available to enhance your living and learning at Minnesota State Mankato. Drop by an office, pick up the phone, visit the website, make an appointment--we want to help you!

Todd Pfingsten

Todd Pfingsten, Director of Campus Recreation

"I’ve really enjoyed my 20 years at Minnesota State University because I get to work with students every day. They give me joy as they challenge me, support me, make me laugh, frustrate me, give me the opportunity to mentor them, and I get to see them grow, mature, learn, succeed and graduate."

Campus Recreation has state-of-the art facilities, fitness equipment, health and wellness classes, and intramural sports opportunities for students. Please visit Campus Recreation's website to learn more.

Pam Weller

Pam Weller, Director of the Career Development Center

"It seems like there is always something exciting happening on-campus—it really is impossible not to find something that you want to be a part of! Here in the Career Development Center, we are fortunate to be able to share in the enthusiasm students feel when they find a major they are passionate about, secure that internship they were hoping for, or accept that first job offer after graduation."

The Career Development Center provides a comprehensive range of services from choosing a major to providing job search assistance. For more information visit the Career Development Center's website.

Mark Constantine

Mark Constantine, Director of the Centennial Student Union and Student Activities

"More than anything, our students are genuine, with wonderful family values. They are eager to get involved, and understand the importance of learning outside the classroom. Mentoring them is an honor!"

More than a building, the Centennial Student Union is the place to build relationships, enrich academics, and experience campus life to the fullest. To learn more, visit the Centennial Student Union's website.

Kari Much

Kari Much, Department Chair

"There are two things I enjoy most about working at Minnestota State University; our staff and our students. I sincerely appreciate how much our staff cares about our students and their willingness to collaborate. Minnesota State University students are great to work with because they are motivated and hard-working!"

The Counseling Center offers a variety of free and confidential short-term, wellness-oriented services to address a broad range of needs for Minnesota State University, Mankato students. To learn more about counseling services, please visit the Counseling Center website.

Nicole Stock

Nicole Stock, Interim Dean of Students and Director of Student Engagement, Initiatives and Assessment

"I believe all students admitted to the University can be successful and my focus is to continue to improve the student experience. Having been an undecided and first-generation college student, I have a soft spot for those who are the first in their families to attend college or those who haven’t chosen a major yet. Additionally, I have always had an interest in the family transition experience and as a parent myself, I really enjoy that aspect of my position."

Dedicated to creating success from the start, New Student and Family Programs will make your time at Minnesota State Mankato extraordinary. Please visit the New Student and Family Programs website for more information.

a person with brown hair and a black shirt

Kim Gourneau, Director of Registration and Academic Records

Working in Registration and Academic Records allows me to map and journal the educational experiences of our students. Watching the results of their hard work and dedication turn into the successful completion of their educational goals and the posting of their credentials is awe-inspiring!

Registration and Academic Records provide services to alumni, faculty, staff, and students regarding academic procedures and policies, curriculum, degree conferment, student records, registration and transfer evaluations. To learn more, visit the Registration and Academic Records website.

a person in a purple shirt

Torin Akey, Interim Director of Residential Life


Residential Life provides convenient living spaces, intentional services, and actively engaged staff who strive to help all students build connections, get involved, and achieve success. Visit the Residential Life website to learn more.

Nicole Stock

Nicole Stock, Interim Dean of Students and Director of Student Engagement, Initiatives and Assessment


Student conduct promotes and enforces the responsibilities students agree to when they enroll at Minnesota State Mankato. To learn more, visit the Student Conduct website.

Antonia Yenser

Antonia Yenser, Director of Student Health Services

"Student Health Services takes pride in being there for students who are ill or need their annual checkup. We strive to be as inclusive and accessible as we can for students. Whether they need to see a provider, have lab work done, or use our pharmacy, our staff’s top priority is ensuring students feel like they’re cared for. I love being a part of this team that prioritizes students’ health so they can be successful in their education!

Student Health Services is an accredited, onsite medical clinic with a full-service pharmacy, lab services, and health education--all right on campus. To learn more, visit the Student Health Services website.

Brian Jones

Brian Jones, Director of University Admissions

"I wake up every morning knowing that I get to go to work and help enhance the value of my college degrees. I love helping students and families navigate the college search process and it is so rewarding to help them feel more comfortable with this big transition in a student’s life. Minnesota State Mankato has been home for me for a long time, it’s an amazing place to study and work!"

University Admissions serves students who have graduated or will soon be graduating from high school and plan to pursue a four-year undergraduate Bachelor's degree. See the University Admissions page for more information.

Sandi Schnorenberg, Director of University Security

"I really enjoy working at Minnesota State University because of the energy for learning and living life that the students have. It is so much fun watching them grow as students, employees, and people and to feel that my staff and I are playing a small part in helping them to grow."

University Security supports the personal safety of Minnesota State Mankato students, employees, and campus visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Visit the University Security website to learn more.