Why Choose Student Affairs

What is student affairs? 

People who work in student affairs provide services, programs, and resources that help students learn and grow inside and outside of the classroom. Student affairs is exciting, student focused, and different every day.  

Student Focused

"I truly believe that every student affairs department and staff are focused on what is best for our students at MNSU, Mankato. We are so proud of where we work and I truly feel like all of us work well together as a team to enrich the experiences of our students. I am happy to be working within student affairs while improving the health of our students." - Antonia Yenser (Director of Student Health Services)

Exciting Work Enviornment

"Most of my exprience has been here at Minnesota State Mankato and I enjoy the camaraderie in the division. We are a good size insitution. Different than small privates where there are fewer staff and each have multiple responsibilities. Also different than much larger universities where there are programs and services within each college to only serve their students. I am not sure that you would have the opportunity to work with as many amazing and talented people across the division as we do here" - Nikki Stock (Director of Student Engagement, Initiatives, and Assessment) 

Making A Difference

"I chose a career in Student Affairs becasue it aligns with my values. On the hard days, I know that my work supports students learning life skills, getting leadership experiences, and getting their college degrees. Totally worth it!!" - Cindy Janney (Dean of Students & Director of Residential Life)

Amazing Benefits

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A Career You Love 

"We all want our students to have a wonderful leadership experience. Giving them opportunities to grow, explore, and be creative is a fun process to watch. Being able to mentor, guide, and challenge them along this ride is what keeps me motivated. I've come to appreciate the values and ethics our students possess. There is something "real" about a Midwest mentality. Hard work, taking ownership for what you do, giving your all, is definitely seen. For the most part, our students are appreciative for what they have, and are a pleasure to work with." - Mark Constantine (Director of the Centennial Student Union & Student Activities) 

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