What to do After an Interview

You can finally breathe; the interview is done! However, what you do after an interview is just as important as preparing!


Take time to reflect on how the interview went. Write down some highlights of conversations from the interview that you can refer to in a thank you letter. Consider what went well or what you might do differently with your next interview. If there are any questions that stumped you, write them down and revisit before your next interview. This is important since you may be asked similar questions again in subsequent interviews.

You are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you. Write down any key points that were covered and make note of any red flags you might have had. This can also help you as you compare jobs and make a choice easier if you get multiple job offers.

Follow Up

Send a Thank You: Try and send a thank you email or letter with 24-48 hours after your interview. If you had a panel or series interview, make sure to write down the names of everyone that participated. If it is possible, send separate emails to each person. It is important to personalize your letter to show them that you were interested and listened to the conversations that took place. Take time to restate your interest in the position and/or organization and highlight why you are the best candidate for the job. Don’t forget to thank them for their time and consideration. Check out the Job Search Handbook for a thank you letter template, but don’t forget to personalize it!

After a few weeks: If your interviewer has given you a timeframe for a decision, be sure to follow up if that time has passed. If they did not give a specific timeframe but it has been a few weeks (2-3) after your interview and you have not heard back, it is a good idea to send a follow up message. This restates your interest and keeps you at the top of their mind. Keep the message short and sweet as a long and wordy email could have a negative impact.

It is important to reach out but then be patient! If you email too many times asking for updates or restating your interest, you can give off a bad impression. Honor the timeframes and dates they have given, and then reach out after it is a few days past that date.

What not to do after an interview

  • Do not replay the interview over and over in your head- this just adds more stress!
  • Do not keep calling and emailing for status updates
  • Do not stop your job search or quit your job
  • Do not post anything about the interview on social media
  • Do not ghost the interviewer if you have decided to accept another job offer