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WhY SkillsFirst?

Resume Builder

A ChatGPT-powered resume builder with automated scoring and skills gap analysis helps you get started and create optimized resumes tailored to specific job descriptions. Learn how to use Resume Builder here.

Cover Letter Builder

An AI-augmented cover letter builder that helps you create attractive, keyword-rich cover letters that match the style of your resume.

Elevator Pitch Builder

Articulate your professional value succinctly and effectively with a refined, compelling elevator pitch. 

Interview Practice Tool

Gain confidence and land more offers with O*Net based interview practice, including 12,000+ practice interview questions with pre-recorded question coaching and a complete interview video curriculum. 

Career Assessment Tool

Make informed career decisions with personalized assessments that match your interests and preparation level to potential careers.

Career Advice Videos

Navigate your career path strategically using data-driven insights and industry trends with hundreds of bite-sized and tailored career advice videos.